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  1. *Theme hits*
    Rodrigo comes out to a decent pop. He’s wearing a hoodie like always, and long leather pants. Walks down the ramp slowly.

    Commentary guy 1: *Laughs* Thought he was fired.
    Commentary guy 2: I can’t remember the last time we had him here. I think he has been out for a time due to an injury.
    Commentary guy 1: To be honest, with all it’s going on in the company, I couldn’t care less about this guy. Used to, but now…he should stay off my screen.
    *Rodrigo gets to the ring and takes of his hoodie. He then asks for a mic and sits at the top of a turnbuckle*
    Many of you might be thinking, who the hell is this Rodrigo and what the fuck is he doing out here, we have paid to see Victoria, AIDS, The Cure and all those awesome superstars that will put on a hell of a show. Well, whether you like it or not, a producer today told me that they had this segment to fill. And you have had already too many recaps. So, basically, whoever needs to go to the toilet, this is the time to do it. Because after me, all those guys who you have paid to see will come out. Go ahead, this is the toilet break. Don’t waste it.
    Now, for those guys who actually want to listen to me and for those who are too lazy to stand up and go to the toilet. This is the first TV time I’ve been given in nearly one month, and I’m not gonna waste in a generic speak. Oh hey Jonathan, let’s see when do you cut this mic. My name is Rodrigo. I’ve been US Champ, I’ve beat the GM, I’ve screwed up his wedding and left the company for one month. I’ve returned and I’ve main evented a Pay per view. Exactly, a dream for all young wrestlers. But not for me. For me, it has been a damn nightmare. I got one shot and I wasted it. I was on fire back then, but Victoria brought the water. From that single night, I knew my career have changed. I knew it was going to be hard to get again the spotlight. But it has been impossible.
    I’ve never have the faith of the company. All my career, I’ve had to earn by myself every single spot, every single shot at a title, every single segment. It has been because of myself. This company has done anything to actually push me, to help me. The Prince of Pro Wrestling, that’s how they used to call me back in ROH. Where I will be probably singing a contract next week if all this bullshit doesn’t stop. Doesn’t matter if is Britanica, Jonathan or Dat Kid. They haven’t give a shit about me. That’s why I had to include myself into that match. Otherwise, not matter how hard a train, how much I improve, how many opponents I beat, they would have never give me a shot, a main event. Why? Because they don’t see money on me. I’m not a guy who will give them money. There are better talkers out there. There are babyfaces who will lick their asses to get a shot. While I believe in the perseverance, in the skills, in the dedication. Be yourself and everything will be alright. That’s what they told me when I first signed. I’m not one of those hypocrites back there that all they do is to kiss their asses but then talk trash about them. And it’s a well known fact Ive got heat exchanged with Jonathan. But dat kid is as useless as Jonathan is. “Be patience” We will give you something to work on. That’s what Dat Kid From Jonathan’s dick told me one month ago. And I understood it. Then, they went so high on all this new guys. The Cure, a good group. Only reason why the haven’t been defeated yet? Because they are like a fuckin rats. They are a lot and they will go over you because they will outnumber you. Pretty impossible to beat them when you don’t have to face one guy but that guy and his 5 brothers. So basically, whenever you face them, you know your score doesn’t start 0-0 but 0-5. That bunch of bastards have a great strategy.
    Then, a lot of guys debuted. I waited for my moment, I spent hours and hours at the gym. At home, watching Japanese wrestling. Learning new moves. I’ve been called from Japan to work there. And I could be there, main eventing every single show. But I denied. My journey in this company wasn’t finished. I understood this new people needed experience. That’s why I decided to face someone else. Adam came. And lost. I was happy, tag team champion. That would mean something to Jonathan and Kid. Then I lost a match. Was very close. Small package. That happens at times. But then, I went backstage and then a producer told me that I wasn’t in MITB card. Asked him why. Told me that I lost and well, my wins doesn’t count. Because after all. I’m just a random Spanish guy. Adam would draw more. Baraa would draw more. But a guy who has beat the GM wouldn’t draw.
    Decided to work even harder. Asked again for something to work on. Same answer. We are working in something for you. But the worst part came today. We have this “One Day Only” PPV. Almost all the roster is booked. People I’ve beat before. People who are now fuckin suspended but are booked. Fuckin Gohan. Who gets random shots because he’s a clown and people would have a laugh. This is not a zoo. This is a company. I’m not gonna stop until I get what I deserve. Until I get what you deserve. Btw, I’m not even in the roster. This shows the kind of chairmans you actually have. Exactly, crap. But the Prince of Pro wrestling is here to save this company from the dictatorship of those two Vince Russo wanabes, I’ve been humillated. Dat Kid and Jonathan have been considering me trash. A foreign guy who will never make it to the top. It’s time to get this shit right. To show why this two useless human beings should be now watching the show from home. Btw have you ever wonder why Jonathan asks us to oil up? Well, some pics have been revealed of him and another dud….
    *Mic doesn’t work*

    Rodrigo smirks goes to the announce table, grabs a mic and chants along with the crowd IF YA SMELL WHAT THE ROD IS COOKING

    *Heads backstage*
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  2. OOC - Nice man, aids-likey.
  3. AIDS likely? I wanted to be AIDS free. I used a condom
  4. *Dat Kid limps out to the stage*
    Let me stop you right there Rodrigo before you make the ratings fall faster than your pants do when you're in the back with Jacob Colton. You come here and demand to be put on the show? Well quite frankly you have as much right to be on this show as Based God Darth does. You want to lie to these people and make it out like we're holding you back. Wrong. You held yourself back!

    It was YOU who didn't show up to Wrestlemania! It was YOU who left the company, not once, but now twice! It was YOU who got a WWE Championship match and LOST! So yell me Rodrigo, why should I take busy time out of my schedule to make sure you have a match. You know how this company works. You want a match, go find someone in the back and have a match. When you actually win something, maybe I'll consider taking an interest. As for right now, I'd much rather see you get fired.

    I'd love to see your response to that, but I heard you're at a loss for words these days. *Dat Kid taps his working mic before turning around and heading backstage*
  5. *Jacob Colton watching at home*


    *Jacob angrily breaks his TV*
  6. OOC: You're suspended
  7. OOC You're Suspended.
  8. That's what he said...
  9. Backstage segment:

    This just shows what kind of treatment I've got during the past two months. Sorry to tell you that while you and Jonathan were bursting each others asses, I was beating people. And nonetheless a guy who was in the MITB and who is going to be in this PPV. Please, I would like you to actually give a fuck about me and read what I post. I'm not even in the active roster, why? Because you are afraid. I've beat you before and you know I would beat you any day. 24/7. You just need to look at yourself. You still young, it would be a shame that someone hurts you. And I've heard wheelchairs are expensive. Should I go find a match? I had three. You didn't give a damn fuck. Told you what to do. You told me to wait, to have patience because you would come up with something. I still waiting for you to get that dildo out of your black ass and to so something productive for the business. You can have "VIP groups" and all that shit. But you haven't done a sole fucking thing. Damn, I was bitching about Brit but at least, she was at backstage. No matter if she was with Gohan. Jonathan and you are just the same kind of crap.
  10. *Kid looks to his left and right* I am an injured man, whether or not I can or can not beat you has no grounds in this argument. Let me tell you something a little bit about business. I make the best matches, so we can have the best business. I place someone like you in a match and no once cares. I have to draw in money, so that people like you can get paid. If anything you should be thanking me for a work free paycheck.

    Now you listen to me, I am the best thing that's happen to this business. Talent is flocking in to become a part of our organization and it's not because of Britanica...or Jonathan, it's because of me! *pokes Rodrigo with the end of his cane* So how about you get off my back and stop crying like a little bitch! Do you understand me?