Remembering OLD shows you would rewatch.... Given the chance.. One show per post

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by DarksideTrin, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. The Greatest American hero!
  2. Playmakers

    it's on Youtube actually. Thanks for the idea
  3. Who's the Boss?

    Eh oh, oh eh! [​IMG]

    Also: [​IMG]
  4. Keenan and Kel ORANGE SODA!
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  5. This is one I've already done. One summer I watched every single episode of Power Rangers produced at the time.
  6. Easy, Smallville
  7. Cousin Skeeter
  8. Anyone remember Punky Brewster?
  9. This.
  10. Yes, it was a weird show. Didn't she have someone/something in her closet?
  11. That 70's show
  12. moonlighting
  13. Keenan and Kel and All That as a close 2nd. "Who LOVE ORANGE SODA?" "Kel love ORANGE SODA is it TRUE? MEHIMM I DO I DO I OHWHO"! "UH DEA UH DEA UH DEA UH WELCOME GOOD BURGER HOME OF THE GOOD BURGER CAN I TAKE YOUR ORDER!?" "Uh NO!?" "Uh That will 8 Bucks!" GOT TO LOVE THE CASSIC! :pipebomb:!