Storyline Remembrance

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  1. Artist walks out wearing a Farooq t-shirt and cargo shorts as he walks down to mid ramp he raises his arms up as he tilts his head back as purple and blue pyro starts spraying down from the ceiling as the crowd let's out a roar as they clap to the song's beat.

    Artist: Nothing...nothing...nothing...isn't that word oh so...nostalgic? I mean it's what we all used to be right? We all used to be nothing...a lot STAY nothing and I...I should not, shall not, WILL not STAY nothing! I've been ridiculed for far too long on how I've been the man of 4 different gimmicks or the man of 3 past names but nothing can resonate with me more than The Artist. Because i am an artist i'm the artist of the next generation. There's all this talk about The Second Generation, but when the FIRST generation was giving out all the golden opportunities the second generation was rarely acknowledged. I will become the first THIRD generation WORLD CHAMPION by the end of this year...i can guarantee that.

    Artist scratches his head before continuing

    Artist: While i'm on the subject of "guarantee's" what about Dat Kid? He leaves when he loses to Alias and he comes back itching for another shot at SummerSlam? When i took my break i took a break with a 2 win streak all within 1 week. You left when you LOST, and that proves that people that substantiate their former bearing in this company have honestly lost their mind. Stay or Leave i''m tired of all this part time bullshit and speaking of bullshit i'm tired of talking about Dat Kid.

    Artist paces slowly around the ring while giving the rest of the promo

    Artist: I have never been more focused on my training, my career and my goals than ever before. Why am i so hungry? Maybe it's the fact that i want NEED to prove the fact that yes, i can do it. No matter what's put in my way i will get up and i will espouse for my position. Anyone looking to take me down for good? Think again, you can't trash what's to strong for glory. Don't fear the reaper...fear the art.
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