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  1. I did an audio recording of this promo in the vid below, so you don't have to read it.

    Dat Kid stands at the podium of a cathedral. There are more followers than usual.

    I'd like to take a break from the usual to speak to the congregation on a personal level.

    Dat Kid steps down from his podium.

    Has anyone in your life ever let you down? Disappointed you?

    Dat Kid walks through the seated crowd

    Whether it be your mother, father, sibling, spouse...

    Dat Kid stops at two children and looks down at them smiling

    ...or even your own children?

    Dat Kid walks back

    Society has taught us that there is room for failure. "Too bad, you'll do better next time" or "You tried you best" or "It's okay, it's no big deal". These are things we here on an almost daily basis, I know I have. You people know who I am and you know what I have done, so I'll bring up some not so unfamiliar examples.

    The People of Tomorrow. Anyone remember that group? A group lead by me, with a destiny to reign. I saw potential in Airbourne and Suicide, yes I did. I believed that under my guidance I could make those men...into legends. I gave them the tools they needed and the platform in which to display those tools. They were ready to take over the IWT! And do you know what they did? ....They failed. They failed me, they failed god. Now society would tell me to give them a second chance, let them have a chance at redemption. However I am not bound by some societal standard, I am god! I am the basis of the IWT society, so when Suicide FAILED to defeat Victoria Parker, I beat him! I beat him like a dog who took a shit on my carpet, because that's exactly what he did! He shit, on everything that I worked for, he embarrassed me!...So i beat him.

    Beckon in the ways of your god and beat those who fail you, no matter who they are, and I guarantee you they will never fail again.

    However, I am at a crossroads right now. I'm sure you all saw IWT recently, where I accepted Joey Bryant's challenge for a match this Sunday, not because I have something to prove. To be quite honest I have no interest in fighting Bryant and I don't engage in confrontation unless I'm getting something out of it and with this challenge I most certainly am. Bryant has agreed to be my most loyal Datcolyte if I defeat him or rather when I defeat him. However Bryant should not look at a loss against me as a bad thing. If he loses he will become the greatest man in IWT. He will be ascended in to heaven and stand side by side with me, looking down on the mongrels of the IWT. I'm even letting him bring a pet.

    I know this sounds like the same situation, but it's not. Bryant is a warship with no compass and I am here to guide him. Now with the abomination named Suicide I let him proceed on his own. I have learned that being lenient is no longer an option, if I want control, I must take it! There's saying that goes "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink". I beg to differ. I will lead Joey Bryant to the water, I will force his head under the water, AND IF HE DOES NOT DRINK!

    ...he will drown.

    Jesus wept.
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  2. OOC: I don't ever remember you whopping me, unless you're talking about that one night....uhh never mind, carry on.
  3. After your match with VP, you shook her hand, i gave you a low blow or something
  4. OOC: You never hit me, you broke your cane over her back. After I shook her hand I exited the ring and went to the back.
  5. I don't feel like looking up the thread and in which case you can replace the word beat with "buried" since you no longer exist
  6. Suicide still exists, I returned like last month with Seabs. My character was just repackaged and what not, I'm actually competing in the tag tourney at the Slammys.
  7. I feel like I should throw the word relevant around right about now, but Aids already trademarked it

  8. I don't believe in you either.:tough:

    Off topic, but do you want to do play GTA w/ Farooq and I?
  9. It's like 4:30
  10. Next time record this when you're not tired. :annoyed:
  11. OOC: Holy shit that was great. The voice effect and the random sound effects were perfect, and the promo was dope. Got me pumped for the match.
  12. I wasn't tired when I recorded this