Report on possible Wrestlemania plans for Ryback

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  1. Don't see a problem with either plans.

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  2. MITB would be alright. Can not see myself being interested in a Ryback/Show feud. The only reason for that would be seeing Show get shell shocked.
  3. Man this would be good.

    Remember Lesnar vs Show? A-WE-SOME.

    Good plans if you ask me. But rather have Ryback vs Show than 'Back in a MITB match.
  4. I read a report a week ago on Wrestling News World that Ryback was livid and threw a hissy fit when Del Rio won the WHC, because he was under the impression he was gonna win it from Show at WM. So unless they fight in a grudge match or unless Show wins the belt back from Del Rio before then (not likely), then Ryback winning the MITB match seems most probable. Would probably set up a Ryback/Cena match for the WWE Title sometime in the summer, possibly at Summerslam, where Ryback finally wins the big one. Yawn.
  5. Would rather Ryback Shell Shocking Show at WM, WHC or not. MITB can have its own PPV and Ryback can win the belt later.
  6. It's starting to become a yearly tradition to have a rumor that WWE's bringing back MITB at this year's Mania. It's not going to happen, they have an entire PPV centered around it that takes place just three months after Mania. People can bring up the HIAC match last year as possible defense but their was a much a larger gap in time between Mania and the next HIAC PPV, and a HIAC match has no ramifications going forward. A Money In The Bank match does, and do you really think WWE has three people the see as next break-out stars. Also, it seems suspicious that the returning of a MITB match to Mania comes as a side note to Ryback news. Like I said, MITB won't happen at Mania this year, and I doubt it would until the World titles are unified and even then I doubt it.

    Also, I wouldn't want it to. Let's take a look at the card that was reported awhile back ago; Rock vs. Cena; Brock vs. Trips; Taker vs. Punk; & Orton vs. Sheamus. These were much bigger matches than what the card the last Mania's with MITB's gave us. How much time would you imagine it get? The last few at Mania sucked for a reason (granted, it was more than just time management but still). Besides having three Briefcase winners crowned in the span of three months, let alone one year, is serious overkill. MITB holds the biggest reward of any match, there shouldn't be additional chances throughout the year to win it as it just ruins the match.

    Ryback vs. Show is undoubtedly a meh idea. Can't imagine anything besides the image of Ryback shell-shocking Show being anything close to entertaining, but I wouldn't mind seeing that image.
  7. It's become a tradition for superstars to get over by picking up the big show, I guess they want to do it with Ryback at Wrestlemania, however I don't see him getting out of this rivalry with the Shield by then.