Representing ICW and your ICW Commissioner with honour!

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  1. *Lord Lee is stood backstage with his IWT Euro belt around his waist and his ICW WHC in his hands! Lord Lee looks into the camera with a smile across his face.*

    Lord Lee: Plasma Snake.... You tried so hard and sacrificed so much but you still finished last place and I FINISHED FIRST, which won me the biggest and most prestigious belt championship this E-Fed has to offer. I would like to thank myself for my amazing wrestling ability and brave nature for winning this championship. Also though, I must thank the misunderstood but certainly knowledgeable Gohan, the I..C..W COMMISSIONER!! He gave me that final step to glory at the inaugural Inferno, and for that I am grateful. Props to Adam too, he put himself on the line, and for that I will help become as good as me one day!

    *Lord Lee chuckles*.

    So, at the next Inferno, we have a chance to win the tag team championships, pretty awesome if you ask me. I'm just scared that soon my body won't have room for all these championship belts I'm winning. It may sound arrogant...But it's true!

    Thanks for listening, end transmission!

    *Lord Lee kisses the ICW belt and the feed cuts.*

    @Real Rock N Rolla @Emperor Lelouch Britannia
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