Respect Me

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  1. - The arena goes black
    - A bright white light appears above the stage and music starts...

    - At 0:24 someone is seen in this bright light.

    *Britanica is seen holding a mic in one hand and a panther by her side*

    "I deserve more respect. I deserve to be praised. I busted my ass for this company and for people to say I am nothing more than arm candy!? That don't sit right with me. I have been to hell and back. I was with this company when it couldn't sign a single new wrestler to the roster... And now what? Suddenly the flashing lights are everywhere... The money is flowing in... I am released... Forgotten? The biggest mistake this company has made was slamming that door in my face with not so much as a thank you. Well I got news for each and everyone one of you fans... For all you wrestlers back stage... I don't go away that easily. A job title may not be certain... But I can tell you one thing that is... Change. Change is coming hard and coming fast so you better be ready for it. This is the dawn of a new era. Where real champions will be crowned, where fakes will be extradited. Where the weak shall perish as pray... And the hunters will reign supreme."

    *The panther growls into the mic*

    "So I have one question for each and everyone of you out there... Are you going to be the hunters, or let yourself become pray?"

    - The lights come on as the panther walks back stage

    *Britanica drops to her knees*

    "If you want to feed on me, if you think I am just some quick kill...I am right here."

    *Drops the mic*
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