Storyline Respect - The Two on One Challenge for IWTMania

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    A video package starts to play with Trip in the Head's entrance music playing in the background

    Trip in the head's voice is heard over clips of his early matches.......
    I was a butcher. And I was the craziest son of a bitch you ever seen. But I had no respect as hard as I tried.

    A wolfs howl is heard as the clips change to Trip and the heyday of the Order of Night
    I was able to garner a measure of respect with numbers. In fact, I helped form and lead a group of superstars that demanded it.

    The clips turn to shots of Trip as GM of IWT
    I commanded respect with the highest position of authority in this company. And I earned it when I started Dat Kid on his current downward spiral of failure that has caused him to turn tail and flee the IWT. I had it ALL.....and then....

    The video package plays clips of Survivor Series - where Solidus gains the winning pinfall for Alias Anotnio's Team FSW over Midas, the last remaining member of Team IWT. The video continues with hashed together clips of his reactions in the back. The drinking.....the getting into the car........the news clips about the crash.......

    The video goes black as the music in the background changes

    .....wait for it......

    Clips of the tag team match where Brandon Pain and Aiden Ryan beat The Influence are shown after "The Influence" flashes across the video. And then clips of Aiden Ryan beating Trip once more just the other day in the European Title Tournament. Trip's exit from the ring with his head held low.......and Micheal speaking to Trip afterwards.........

    The music fades and the video cuts to Trip in the Head in a dimly lit boiler room with his head down.

    TRIP: And here I am lurking in the dark. Back where I started. NO respect. At the end of my rope. And craaazy as shit because of it. So whats a crazy man with nothing left to do for IWTMania do with his precious time huh?
    *Trip raises his head at looks at the camera*

    Aiden Ryan (@Butters! ), Brandon Pain (@RedDwarfTechy ) - you've taken it all from me as of late. My dignity, my self respect and the respect of those around me. And I need to fight to at least get something back. To prove to.....him......that I appreciate and respect what he has done for me. Even if it is with my blood. So I challenge you both to a tornado two-on-one handicap match at IWTMania. I want you both in the ring at the same time so I can make you both scream and see which one is more annoying to me so I can stomp their lights out first. Then who's ever left will regret it.
    *Trip turns around and heads back into the dark , but stops before completely vanishing into it*
    Trust me.
    Meh hahahahahaha..........

    *And with that Trip in the Head vanishes into the dark and the video package ends*
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  2. Didn't Solidus get the final pin?
  3. Oh sorry. Stoner memories. I'll fix it.

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  4. Needs more references to me. 0/100