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  1. *IWT Summerslam has come to a close and the arena is totally empty. The lights are still on and the set is still set up, there's still confetti in the ring from Ovaldinho's IWT Title celebration, but there isn't a soul nearby. All of a sudden, Bishop slowly limps out onto the stage still wearing his ring gear. He stands at the top of the stage and looks all around him before slowly limping down the ramp and into the ring. He slowly looks around the arena when he gets in the ring and notices the camera still rolling in front of him. He shakes his head after realizing this and kicks the bottom rope as hard as he can and lets out a loud scream that echos throughout the arena.*


    *He now goes and kicks the bottom of a turnbuckle a few times viciously before collapsing to his knees in the middle of the ring. He covers his face with his hands and lets out a scream again. He moves his hands from his face and you can see his face covered with sweat, blood, and even some tears. He now sits in the center of the ring and looks right into the camera.*

    "This what you wanted, Forté....Shit..."

    *He grabs his neck and winces in pain.*

    "Fuck it, like I said, I ain't got no damn person to blame but myself...I did everything I fuckin could. I came here to do one thing and that was to eliminate Jack Forté, i didn't plan for anything past this point. I definitely didn't plan on bein this beat down, mentally and physically. There ain't one part of me that thought I was going to lose tonight...yet it happened..."

    *He punches the mat in frustration and stands up and leans against the rope behind him.*

    "This place ain't big enough for the both of us, Forté, that's a fact. I knew one of our legacies would be destroyed, didn't think it'd be mine, but imma be a man of my word and leave, I promise I'll go without a fight. No more looking behind your back, no more backstage brawls, I'll leave you alone once and for all, Forté. A lot happened tonight, there ain't no denyin that, but I hope nobody forgets the name of Bishop...I ain't wanna be here anyway, this place is being controlled by the cancer known as the Bullad Club and dey went undefeated tonight, godspeed to any nigga that thinks they can stop em. I know I couldn't do it...i'm man enough to admit that. Alias Antonio ain't got a cure, Luis ain't got a cure, Jack Forté might be the only man strong enough to take down such a force..."

    "I'll leave you with dat, Forté, I know I been makin yo life a livin hell all year but you proved to me tonight you deserve everything you got. It might sound soft as hell but you earned my respect tonight, if that means anythin to you. If there's one last thing I can say to your ass it's that I hope you do the right thing and try to take down the Bullad Club. Before you know it you gon be face to face wit one of them dudes and I can almost bet they walk away with your gold. Do what no one else can do and take them down, man... don't let them do this to IWT, don't let them do this to this business! If no one does shit about it, you gonna blink and they gonna be holdin every piece of gold this company has, and that, that is how IWT dies. Once and for all. You'll all be buried next to my ass soon enough..."

    *He runs his hand down the rope before sitting down and rolling out of the ring slowly. He back paces his way up the ramp, taking everything in one last time, and you can tell it's killin him. He reaches the stage and looks around before unlacing his boots and holding them both in his hands.*

    "If there's one thing I wish I could stay around for it'd be to take down that fuckin club, but hopefully someone hears my words and does somethin about it. This ain't no joke. They are a serious threat. Don't let IWT die with myself. Let my departure bring new life into IWT. Shit... but overall..."

    *He smiles a bit and then lays his boots on the top of the stage and runs his hands through his hair.*

    "No regrets."

    *He pats his chest and points a finger to the sky before turning around and walking backstage for the last time. The scene fades to black.*


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