Promos Return of the Aids'nation

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  1. YOUR WINNER, AND NEW! IWT CHAMPION! is announced, before the lights dim, and the crowd pop loudly, as blue and purple spotlights fill the arena. The crowd even begins to chant "Melky Seaman" before the music even begins.

    There is a mixture between boos and cheers, as both loudly fill the arena. Aids Johnson walks out with Melky next to him, wearing a smile on his face. He stops at the ramp, and Melky points towards him, as Aids holds up the title and yells "The champ, IS, HERE!!!!!!!!!!!" laughing again before running down the ramp, sliding into the ring. Melky slowly walks down the ramp, and up the Aids goes into 2 of the corners, holding up his IWT title to a loud mix of boo's and cheers. Melky sets his US title in the middle of the ring, and crosses his arms as Aids is handed a microphone, beginning to speak

    Hey hey hey. The effort's from last night's match again prove who the most relevant man in IWT is. @Senhor Perfect were you watching my match from home, too scared to show up to your first match without your precious IC title? Well, in case you were unaware, THE CHAMP. IS. HERE! *aids holds up his belt for a quick second, laughing before handing it over to Melky.

    Joey Bryant, I asked you if you were going to step up, or get run over by the two veteran ego's, and MAN, did this guy ever step up! I wasn't lying when I said you would be a champion someday, but this is still my time, you will just need some patience. Seriously, did he bring it to the table, or what? *crowd loudly pops* and Ms. Parker *crowd immediately goes silent* and I had another encounter, and she left me with another remember her by. VP I don't know if you realize this, but without you, I just simply am not as amazing. WIthout you, I'm just a "Dat Kid" or "Senhor Perfect," just a 1 time IWT champion with an over-inflated ego, being one of very few people to believe in myself.

    Watching you get surrounded like a cornered animal was amazing. Joey and myself were still in the ring, while he was taking the time to let it settle in, I was daydreaming of all of the wonderful things we have done for each other, realizing that it will be some time before I'm lucky enough to see you here again. *Aids pats his bandage* and I think we both need to take some time to heal.

    BUT! Onto business at hand *Aids grabs his belt back from Melky, who claps softly as Aids begins to walk in circles^ Who will I face? Will it be Danielson, who was primed and prepared for our match, before leaving for....the K-mart version of the IWT.....Will it be Dat Kid? Does anyone even really want to see Predecessor vs Protoge 3? *Crowd pops loudly*

    Senhor Perfect and Christian seem to be around, waiting for their turn *crowd cheers again loudly...* Or has Joey Bryant shown the world he is capable and ready to hold onto the most prestigious belt in this company, the IWT! *Crowd pops loudly and cheers for Joey Bryant*

    Consider this an open challenge. @Jonathan i don't need a 24 hour wait. It's time to come out here and congratulate your new champion, and let the world know what is next for the only 3 TIME CHAMPION IN COMPANY HISTORY! *Aids passed the mic to Melky* Aids, Johnson.
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  2. Ah Aids, well done on your championship win. For all the smack you talk here in IWT for once you've backed it up, and for that I commend you.

    But this is just the beginning, this won't be an easy reign like your last one, you will fight for the honour of IWT in every match you compete in and you'll show the world why YOU deserve to be IWT champion... now go get 'em.
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  3. Playing video games helps you lucid dream because it helps your brain recognize alternate realities.
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  4. Dat Kid walks out with a steel chair in hand and stops at the stage. He stands at the top for a moment and looks across from Aids, with mic in hand. Dat Kid is about to speak into the mic, but words don't come out of his mouth. He lowers the mic, staring at Aids with a solemn look on his face,

    Dat Kid drops the mic on the stage. He slams the chair on the stage and the sound echoes through the arena. Kid starts walking to the ring with chair in hand. He looks intent on beating Aids down with the steel chair. The crowd is ruckus, the announcers are silent, the tension between the two former friends is at its peak. Dat Kid stops at the ring apron.

    Aids and Kid stare down, Aids is ready for a fight as he motions Dat Kid to get in the ring. Kid turns around and walks away from the ring, the moment is gone. The crowd begins to boo. Some trash is thrown at Dat Kid. He places the chair on the top of the stage in it's seated position. Kid picks up the mic that's still on the ground.

    I've got nothing to prove to you

    Dat Kid places the mic on the seat of the chair and walks back through the curtain
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  5. I challenge you to a title match
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  6. OOC: Wow jono is that you? What an entrance.@Dat kid from jersey that theme song is sick as hell.

    I'll gladly take on either one of you, if not both. :ksi:
  7. This is a joke, right?
  8. more like a competition with D&D players to decide who is worse/better.
  9. Then Aids > Obama
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  10. [​IMG]
  11. Tyrone: YOU GO BOY!