Promos Return of the Failure, a rematch for the great one.

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  1. The theme begins, as the crowd boos loudly, in anticipation of Aids Johnson, the greatest man to grace the IWT with his presence. The crowd boos loudly as he walks out, middle fingers up high in the air. AIds walks down to the ring, talking trash to the announcers, before walking his way back up the stairs and into the ring. He pulls the mic back up to his face, as the music drowns to silence.

    Another day, a new adventure filled with the former and future assholes of IWT trying to plug themselves as featured members of the IWT, all along ignoring their past and the fact they ran out of IWT planning on making a presence of their own, while hoping the IWT would die. At the same time, Jonathan and certain IWT members took this as their opportunity to rise in the company, and accept their position as the top of the company. Victoria Parker is a perfect example of this. Someone who knew who failure looked like, staring it in the face.

    I am ready to take back what is mine, and i don't need some pathetic asshole like Jonathan to book it, anymore than i need Dat Kid to mention all the things he did for the IWT in the past. You and Jonathan both are history, while i spend my time in the present. Aids the future 3 time champion, ready for success. I am owed a rematch, and Victoria Parker can be the one who decides on her first, and only failure, as IWT champ. @Geek goddess time to face the champ, you know as well as me you are only borrowing my title. GET OUT HERE!
  2. You say you're spending time in the present, but all you do is live in the past. Riding on your previous achievements as a reason for something in the present.

    I'm sure @geekgoddess will have no problem dispatching you again, just like she did at Bound for Glory.
  3. Reported, not a post in character ormentioned as OOC.

    What a shitty laughable excuse for an owner. WHere is his champ?
  4. recently may be considered as past, but it still is considered relvamt as far as most of IWT is concenrned. I dont expect you to understand the word.

    This is the problem with IWT. I'm stuck with Jono wasting away the quality VP provides, while the FSW crew runs in only working with each other. The new members are ignored, as some are involved in their 2nd and 3rd entrance promo no one is involved in. I quit helping IWt 2 months ago and there are 4+ members who have threads and feuds worth looking into. YOU people ignore it, and those people ignored my threads.

    Fuck you Jono, give me my Title rematch.
  5. OOC: I for one, along with Gav, am trying to make this place nice and active like it was when I first joined.
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  6. OOC: :pity2: can't even get your own catchphrase right.
  7. A fan holds up a sign that says, "I LOVE YOU AIDS! IT'S ME! TYRONE!
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  8. Hmm... You want a rematch... Beg for it.
  9. Rematch Clause baby, every champion has had one in the past. I'll let you choose between the same ppv as DK or the one after.
  10. OOC: Speaking of rematch clauses,I still haven't cashed mine in.:dawg:
  11. I'll let @geekgoddess decide how she wants to handle any challengers.

    Victoria, the floor is yours.
  12. :haha:

    This is just perfect.
  13. Kid watches in the DX-Express.
    Aids begging to be in the spotlight, not much has changed
  14. Begging? I lost to VP just recently. IF you were in my position, you would be expecting a rematch for the title shot regardless of how people feel about you as a character/person/user. Unfortunately, you really failed at the company, essentially doing the same thing I did, and bringing other members with you. You and whoever else was supposed to run FNW neglected the forum, and now you are back and really what is the difference between what i did, and what you have just recently done?

    I'm sorry for expecting credit for being one of the handful of people who have actually participated in both efeds in the last few months. I don't care if everyone thinks i'm a huge asshole for pointing out the fact i am owed a rematch? Explain to me why you close FSW, the storylines massively change, and the former IWT champ isn't supposed to expect a rematch?

    Face it, you all took your creative ideas somewhere else, and to bring it back without accepting you are the ones who fucked up in the first place is ridiculous, case in point. I'll gladly let you all have your section back, as soon as my match with VP is over.
  15. Dat Kid frantically looks left and right

    Is there a hidden camera in here?! How'd he- never mind.

    Ask for a title shot? Me? The man who voluntarily gave up his rights to fight for a championship when he entered creative? You may be my mentor, but I dont exactly follow in your footsteps bud.

    You want to ask what i've done recently. What have YOU done recently? Certainly nothing innovative, earth shattering, or relevant for that matter.

    FSW died and im not ashamed to admit that, im not ashamed to admit that me leaving IWT caused a chunk of the roster to follow in my footsteps. I can stand here and tell you i am PROUD of all of my actions and i'd do it again, because unlike you I dont sit here and complain day in and day out. When i see a problem I go out and I fix it, unlike you who bitches and moans and do absolutely NOTHING to fix it.

    Aids I have no problem with former IWT champs getting rematches, but there are people on this roster who deserve it more than you. Its funny how hypocritical you are, saying that new talent is ignored. Anyone wanna tell me when Joey Bryant @DKJames is going to get his title shot that he EARNED! Oh wait! He's not getting one because YOU took his spot.

    Yeah i messed up, but dont come at me on your high horse when you're just as bad as me. I learned from my mistakes and come survivor series im going to correct them all, while you'll be doomed to repeat all of yours.
  16. How is pulling half of the roster into a new efed that you barely even got up and running "doing something?" If anything, you failed your ass off, only participating in the main event, not contributing shit to other stuff, and at times even being days late on making votes. Are you seriously giving yourself credit for doing something you had no chance of succeeding or running capably? Congratulations, you wasted a lot of members times on their E-feds. I dont need pity for myself, but don't try to give yourself credit for doing next to nothing in your own e-fed you rushed yourself into. Herein lies the problem.

    Did I cancel Uprising? No. I actually made suggestions to make it easier, along with Seabs who ran most of the business during the time FSW was up and around. Jonathan and you both want credit for doing next to nothing for over 2 months here, and then rejoining as if nothing has happened. I didn't take DK's #1 contender spot, IN FACT i even offered to make it a triple threat, or let him have his match first.

    As far as mentioning your past goes, really? Really.

    Like i said before, you can enjoy the fed now, it's awesome you all squashed the problems to get everything back together. As far as i'm concerned, i am owed a rematch. It doesn't have to be today or next week, from, i can wait.
  17. OOC: keep it kayfabe, doesnt work if its not

    IC: Yeah it is doing something! Because i saw something wrong i sought out to fix. Yeah i failed and if you cleaned your dirty ass ears you would have heard me say that earlier, but I understand, you probably were in that No Child Left Behind program, so i have to say things twice. I failed, but I tried! I didnt lay on my back and let Jonathan fuck over everything I spent my time into. If there was going to be anyone who was going to kill what I created, it was going to be me. And yeah i say I, because it was ME who everyone was running to backstage to ask what would be good for their character. It wasnt Jonathan and it sure as hell wasnt some glory hog hasbeen who doesnt know when be's past his prime!

    How generous of you to offer DK a triple threat? After he rightfully deserved a one on one match, an opportunity he beat YOU for because if i recall, you were also in that tournament and you somehow weaseled your way back in.

    Go ahead and enjoy your rematch at Survivor Series because when i BEAT Jonathan and friends, DX is coming for you nigga!
  18. OOC: really? I was wondering what the extra courtesy is from. I'm not running into the dark on this one. You can pm me or whatever works, but that was not kayfabe, buddy.
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