Storyline Return of the GOAT

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  1. @gav the chav marks out as the music hits

    Aids Johnson walks out, flashing his HoF ring at the top of the ramp, before running down and sliding into the ring. He is tossed a mic from outside, before hitting the corners up to a loud pop from the crowd.

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Children of all ages! Generation Aids is here for something special, because tonight I am here to challenge the Chav for something he has only dreamed of before! Aids VS Gav the mother fucking Chav. The day is coming, and my demand id serious. Aids vs Gav, MITB vs my HoF spot and the ring involved.

    Briefcase vs Ring son,
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  2. Return #54
  3. IWT had a goat? This is news to me, I could've had another fuck buddy.
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  4. I've got a new fuck buddy for you

    go easy on her (open)
  5. I'd fight you all, but I only fight champions. @DK James come at me bro.

    Roadie win a match and we can talk.
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  6. Ehhhh, too old for me.
  7. aids right now

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  8. Feel like I'm watching the return of The Miz. Just waiting for the Jericho to come out and end it. @Farooq the Big Boss
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  9. :badass:
    So creative. #irrelevant
  10. My own phrase.
  11. *Eric Draven walks out onto the entrance ramp. He's wearing a wireless headset and microphone combo and a black suit. *

    ED : Ladies and Gentlemen you all know me as the former World's heavyweight champion Eric Draven and scouter for the most intriguing free agents the IWT audience in their collective wisdom have ever seen.

    *The crowd boos Draven's every word*

    ED : Now onto the main attraction here tonight the Hall of fame return of the prodigal son Mr Aids Johnson and his challenge to the ever eloquent Gav The Chav. Aids is a fantastic competitor, a once in a lifetime talent who deserves the representation of a superstar. mr Johnson I ask simply for you to allow me not as an advocate nor as an employee but as a friend. Let me be in your corner for the return match up, let me ensure Jonathan pays the highest fee in the history of the company to have the premier talent on his marquee. We need no contract just shake my hand and the deal is set.
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  12. Perhaps we both engage in battle, instead of challenging for the case that has barely received a new owner. I can understand if you're in fear and deny, but I do leave the challenge out for you.
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  13. HoF can't be 'swapped'
    GL with the MITB :lol1:
    You're not getting a IWT title shot anytime soon.

    Other than that, welcome back for the 637th time.
  14. Glad to see you found enough time to remove your dick from my mouth to type out a nice response.

    You want a shot at the champ princess? Oh, thats right, you only get into your tights for Adam.
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  15. I saw you beat THG, but we'll have to leave a raincheck for our match. Count me in vs you when FSW faces IWT, even though i'm the face of both companies.
  16. You should talk.
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  17. Aids grabs a mic back off the ground, smiling as he does.

    You see i'm watching the company Aids built failing. @Trip in the Head @Delik you might have defeated that kid from new jersey but we all are witness to this company going under. Time for the king to return, and your spots are on the line :boohoo:

    Put it up vs Aids for the IWT creative spot, and i dont mean to join the team, i'm talking about YOUR spot *crowd pop* Jono vs Aids, before the war begins so I can face Dat From Jersey Kid myself.:razer:
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  18. come at me shadow. Oh thats right, you arent in the HoF.
  19. Bro, do you even lift?