Storyline Return of the Man

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  1. Farooq walks into the IWT backstage with a suit on, black suit pants, black shoes, white business shirt, black tie and black sunglasses. Everyone whispers, no one in any of the feds of seem him. Even some people going as far to sending people to search for him. He walks past the workers and wrestlers and doesn't even acknowledge them. On his left hand is a black briefcase and on his right shoulder the Hardcore championship. "Farooq if I ca--" An interviewer says before Farooq places his hand on the microphone and shakes his head no, then enters one of the locker rooms. He sits down, on the other chair is Mene Gene Oakland, a camera set up to catch the interview between the two.

    MG: Farooq, you called me here to interview you, calling me out of retirement with...interesting reasons that you did not want me to say, although me mentioning them was one of them.
    Farooq: *nods my head*
    MG: This isn't a interview though, at least not how you explained it. I'm just here to make sure you don't blow to much of a casket, so go ahead. I'll cut you off if you go to far."
    Farooq: *places the microphone close to my mouth and chuckles* Well...are you sure it's my time to speak? Because you need to remember Mene Gene, this is IWT. The place where hard work and dedication of the past means more than the present. People are wondering where did I go off to, where have I been, why did I leave and so many other things. I have one question for them: Why do you care? All the fans, all the workers, all the wrestlers, none of you truly care. This isn't for me, this is just the truth. Nobody gives two craps about me, they just want to see FTJ look like a joke, like anybody even a deceased headless cow can guess, and I'm just going to add fuel to the stupidity. Make FTJ look like more of a joke and give everybody a big huge laugh. HAHAHAHAHAHA, nope. I'm just going to go into Wrestlemania, destroy him and walk out the winner. The only thing people will be laughing at, is the time it takes me to beat him.

    Farooq(contin.): Lets continue huh? Lets give title shots to people who only have had one match, one match against jobbers so that they would look good. OH! Lets go even further! *stands up and looks in the camera* Hey! THG--I mean Alias Antonio, remember when you couldn't join the chamber because you were a champion?? *laughs and sits down on the chair* BOOOLLLDDDD SHIT! The head of creative just. didn't. like. you.

    MG: *cough* Black wolf *cough*

    Farooq: *looks at Mene Gene and takes a deep breath then calms down* *looks back at the camera and chuckles* Hey, but then again, I'm glad you weren't in it. I got to witness the champion of the X Division tear apart the IWT champion, one by one, and I'll be honest, I was enjoying every second of it. Oh and don't forget about Sir Lee, this guy is main event! Not just in matches, but look at this man! *turns on the television behind me and skims through build ups of Sir Lee's matches* This guy builds up his matches! This man puts in work! Only little people at his level even do such a damn thing! *turns off television* Guess build up is such a sin! Lets shove them at midcard level until we need a fill up for the main event! *takes a bottle of water and drinks it* Or how about the tag team division? Look at these cheap shots, saying being part of a team is bad, oh shut the hell up. Nearly every world champion is or has been part of a team. Victoria, Dat Kid, Senhor, Seabs, Suicide and so many others. Being part of a team is not bad, it's you just can't make any friends or you're just always friend zoned so you can't handle the fact nobody likes you.

    Farooq(contin.): *sits back and smirks* Guess I know how Jonathan feels when Aids gets his possy and starts to force rules on him. Hey reme--*hears banging on the door*

    *door breaks open and EBW Roster is here*

    Farooq: Get down Mene Gene. *opens up suitcase and pulls out a staff and extends it to full length* *takes out a cigar and turns on the radio*

    *Farooq goes after other two EBW wrestlers, take them out quick by K.O. shots to the face. One other trys to grab Farooq from behind, but Farooq hits him in the stomach and goes for the shot behind the head and knocked him out. Anti-Christ goes after Farooq, but Farooq spears Anti-Christ and goes through the wall, knocking him out cold. That was the whole EBW roster as Farooq stood up, blood pouring down the left arm of his. Farooq stands up as Mene Gene helps Farooq out. Farooq takes one last look at the camera.*

    Farooq: FTJ, you're first, then the rest of IWT is next. Farooq is back.
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  2. Not sure if you meant Okerland.