Returning With A Broken Mind

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  1. OOC: Fuck that other promo it was shit.​
    *Adam walks slowly to the ring as the crowd pops, He is handed a mic, He sits on the apron of the ring*​
    Well, What were you expecting? Its me. Did you want someone else? Tough luck, Im here and you are going to listen to me. You will listen to what I have to say and you will swallow it done and believe it... Because its true.​
    *Adam climbs off the apron to the outside*​
    You see, You are all mindless drones to the IWT machine which shoots out wrestler after wrestler and they are told who they are to be and how they act like and you the mindless masses just buy into it, You buy the merch, you buy the PPVs and you buy the show tickets but not to see me. No of course not, Im just that guy on the middle of the card while you go get food for your already fat ass.​
    *Adam approaches a man at ringside*​
    You are just another example. Thats your kid eh? Hello there, You see little boy, Your dad is a little bitch who wants to see your hero, But guess what? He isnt here. You get me and your too much of a pussy to even lea-​
    *The man punches Adam, Adam turns around, He grabs the man and throws him into the outside, Adam starts beating him up, Adam pulls out a pocket knife, He holds the mans face up to his son and cuts his head, Blood pours down the mans face, Adam throws his down and leaves*​

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  3. OOC: Dafuq? Are you turning into an assassin?!