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  1. Yeah so I signed up on this website when it was first made. It looked a lot different then and looks very professional now. I'll try and log in now and then and see what's up and also try and watch Raw live with the community.

    See ya.
  2. Welcome back! Mind telling us what your username was in the beginning?
  3. Registration Date: 12-18-2011

    i think it was this one o.o
  4. Welcome back God, enjoy your time with us :otunga:
  5. This was my original name. I saw the owner advertising on Hackforums and joined.
  6. so you do exist :notsure:

    we were told you existed since the beginning.. but you never showed yourself.. we assumed you didnt really exist.. im sorry i doubted your existence god!
  7. God can I have a ho?
  8. Welcome back folk.
  9. Welcome back man, wow, nice UID and nice name :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Hope you do stick around this time.
  10. Welcome back God.
  11. You're lucky Crayo didn't ban you for thinking of you as a spambot just like he did with my UID 6.
  12. You were so not UID 6
  13. Yo God, welcome back.
  14. It seems we've found god, not a bad day.
  15. Welcome back, God.
  16. All the bestest members originated from HF :boss1:

    Isn't that right, @[seabs]?

    Anywho welcome back, my god :otunga:
  17. Re-Welcome to the forums God :otunga:
  18. :boss1: