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  1. *The scene opens up during an IWT house show. Joey Bryant appears on the titantron with a smirk on his face sitting in his locker room. The crowd boos but he begins to speak.*

    "I've waited long enough, man. If it were up to me I'd bring Bruce Knight out in that ring right now and throw him around and take my title and go back to Buffalo. Unfortunately, that just wouldn't be good for the company but I mean I can see why. Without this IWT Championship match at Extreme Rules there would be no Extreme Rules. Dat Kid vs Antonio though, I admit, I'm interested. Dat Kid is one of the greatest IWT superstars of all time, no fighting that fact. Antonio though... we both represent the second gen of superstars. I said that on the peep show and I'm saying it now, Alias Antonio and I are much alike. Hence why some may call him the "Joey Bryant wanna-be"."

    *He chuckles but his smile fades quick.*

    "Where are you now, Bruce Knight?! These people rooted you on, they gave you that title and you're no where to be found! Just like before, you won the Royal Rumble and you went into hiding, completely revoking the honor of winning the Royal Rumble. You're doing the same thing with MY title, you've taken it and you're hiding it in your dirty, un-washed hands. You should be ashamed of yourself, only a low life like yourself could take something as great as the IWT title and..."

    *Just then, the noise of his locker room door opening is heard. Joey immediately looks like he's just seen a ghost.*

    "What... what do you want? What are you looking at?!"

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  2. Chip: hey! Quit lookin at my peckah!
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  4. *Suddenly, Frie is seen in the doorway looking straight at Joey.*

    Well, this seems familiar. Just a couple of months ago, you were in a predicament similar to this one. And now, just like before, I'm here. But, it's different this time. I'm not here to help again. If you saw my tournament match, you would know know that I've found a couple of guys whose ego won't get in our way. I'm climbing up that ladder in the X-Division tournament and will then bring the title to the Strength In Numbers. Now, at Extreme Rules, you're getting your rematch for the IWT Title against Bruce Knight. While I wanna wish you luck, I've gotta ask you something. What happened to you?

    *Joey looks back at Frie in confusion.*

    I'm serious. What happened to the underdog, the fan favorite, the miracle kid? You've turned into everything that you despised. Not for anything, but it's guys like Andrew, Spinzz and I who are here to stop guys like you. Look, I don't wanna fight you. I want you to stay where you are.............. for now. Because once I am X-Division champion and if you beat Bruce Knight, don't hesitate to prepare for what I might do. Because I'm willing to cash in the belt on anyone.......................... even a good friend.
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  5. *Joey begins to laugh hysterically to the point of coughing.*

    "Excuse me."

    *He chuckles again but the smile fades and he looks dead straight at Frie.*

    "You're hot shit now, huh? I left you for Dat Kid in what must have been completely surprising to you but not to me. If I would have stuck with you, sure I may have kept the same attitude, but the success would not be the same. We probably could have been tag team champions, but we both know at the time I was only focused on the IWT Title. On the Rumble. It's odd how things turned out really, Bruce Knight shocked the world and won the Rumble at the same time you and I were together. Now, you're nothing but a forgotten face and I'll be challenging Bruce Knight for my IWT Championship and you actually think I'd consider you a threat with your X-Division gold."

    *Joey just shakes his head for a moment at Frie.*

    "It only gets worse from here, bud. You'll win over everyone's hearts, you'll accomplish your dreams of winning the X Title and then move on to possibly winning the IWT Title and then it all sucks. People get sick of you, old allies turn into new enemies and old enemies become new allies. Dat Kid came to us, to me, when I felt a sense of desperation. I thought you could be the one to help me and take me out of my slump. You did nothing but talk down to a veteran like Dat Kid and that's when I realized you were after the same thing I was. IWT gold. You say I've become everything I despised and hell, maybe you're right. But the one thing I despise more than anything is a man who lives his life on luck. Bruce Knight has gotten this far on luck and his luck is running out and if you don't like this new attitude or the people don't like it, too bad. It's the only thing that keeps me dead set on my mission."

    *Joey turns around real quick and begins to walk away but turns back.*

    "That reminds me, your new little group, SIN is it? Strength in Numbers, I can see why you call yourselves that. Just like the Order, you guys only get as far as you do by helping each other. By interfering in each others business to help one another. That's something about the Church that makes us better than your shit brigade. Dat Kid and I both are on the same page on most subjects but both of us got to where we are without the help of each other. I won that IWT Title and he won the WHC in the same exact night, something your group and the Order wishes they could do. Notice how I'm not running to Dat Kid's side against Antonio, it's none of my business. In a way, sure, I like both the guys, but Dat Kid and I aren't going to let little ants like you climb up the food chain that we sit atop of. What happened to me? I became IWT Champion and became a realist. What happened to you? You dissappeared for months after I was done with you and now Andrew and Spinzz picked you up for sloppy seconds."
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  6. You can stand there with your scrunched up face and angry voice all you want. It doesn't faze me. Because while I'm certain about the future of my career, you seem to need a little help more than ever. Even more than when I came to you a few months ago. You're ego get that high? So high that you're jumping to these conclusions that you never gave a chance. You going with Dat Kid wasn't surprising. It didn't hurt me a damn bit. In fact, it helped me. It gave me time to develop myself and find what I need in IWT. Andrew and Spinzz.

    *Frie takes a second to chuckle.*

    Now I'm where I need to be. So don't get butthurt over something I said. Because if you're busy getting mad over me, you're sure not gonna be focused at Extreme Rules. I came here to pay a visit, and now I've proven that you are the same man you were when I came to IWT. Unfocused, imaginative, confused. It seems like you need a partner more than ever. Not including Dat Kid. But, this time......... it won't be me.

    *Frie turns around to leave but stops and turns back around.*

    Don't think because I'm not getting as mad as you that I'm not ready to challenge you at any time. People have been waiting for Joey vs Frie since you jumped ship to The Church. So, I'll tell you what. If you lose at Extreme Rules, I'll gladly fight you afterwards. Actually, no. You're not worth the trouble. Without the title on the line, it's just not worth it. Besides, the Strength In Numbers has bigger fish to fry. Good luck.

    *Frie walks out of the locker room.*
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  7. *slow clap*
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  8. *Joey just stands there running his hands through his hair. He paces a couple times before looking back into the camera and addressing the IWT crowd again.*

    "He thinks I need him, you all think I need you, but Joey Bryant needs no one. Dat Kid and I could win those tag team belts in a heart beat and people would still question if he and I are legit. We're legit alright, and when I win back my IWT Championship and he defends his WHC, it'll be proven finally that we're no overrated. We're just where we belong. Frie your words sting but remember, I tried to bring you into this company under my wing and you decided to fly off on your own well unlucky for you, little baby birdies haven't fully learned how to spread their wings. I'll knock you down before you even get the chance to take off."

    *Joey looks towards the door to see if Frie would re-enter.*

    "Peace out, signing off, your true IWT Champion."

    *He quickly walks out the door as the scene fades.*
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