Storyline Revenge of the Sith... I guess

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  1. Farooq is shown leaving the Taco Bell near the IWT arena. He whistles as he walks towards his vehicle. Just as he gets mere feet distance, the Taco mobile explodes. It sends Farooq flying back, even burning his arms as he scrambles to get to his feet. He takes out his tranquilizer pistol, and aims around the area. "Fuck!!" He yells as he looks around, soon a van pulls up and dumps out Taco Bell workers who are knocked out and some crying.

    "Who are you!" He yells as he aims the pistol at the van. The driver comes out, and he faces Farooq. "Burger King bitch....have it your way!" He yells as he takes out a tranquilizer pistol too, the driver none other than the King from Burger King. They circle around for a few minutes, keeping their pistols aimed and steady. "Lets settle this like men..." The King says as he sets down the pistol. "Manly men, that do manly stuff, like manly stuff in the woods that they don't tell other men what they do afterwards." He says as he takes off his shirt. "....Uhh, how about we just fight. Farooq says as he sets the pistol down, and removes his Taco Bell uniform to reveal his new IWT clothing. A black jumpsuit with a Taco patch on one shoulder and a TSF(Tacos Without Borders) on another side.

    They both begin to fight, the King going in hard and throwing a fierce punch, that sends Farooq flying back. He then gets on top of Farooq and begins to punch his face. Farooq slips out, his forehead looking bruised now. He kicks the King in the back of the head, then elbows him in the face. The King slowly gets back up, and whistles. Some Burger King workers come out of the van, and charge towards Farooq. Farooq is now surrounded as he looks at them all. "Fuck...." He says as suddenly a Marine hummer pulls up.

    A whole infantry of marines come out as they crack their knuckles. "Need some help Farooq!" They said as they begin to attack the Burger King workers, leaving Farooq and the King alone. Farooq and the King are alone once more. The King trys to punch Farooq one more time, but the King missed and Farooq knees in the stomach, then elbows him in the back. The King, not having much stamina due to eating the shit taste of Burger King all his life easily passes out.

    The Marines raise Farooq over their shoulders and cheer loudly. "Why did you guys help me though?" He asks while holding his bloody forehead. "Because, you guys give us military discounts, so we can enjoy the great taste of Taco Bell!" They say. Farooq and the Marines look at the camera. "That's right, because Taco Bell cares about our military personal, so drop by and enjoy the great taste of Taco Bell with your family!" Farooq says as the Taco Bell logo appears and the commercial ends. "I have no idea this was a Taco Bell commercial..." He muttered as the camera fades to black.
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  2. OOC - Some inaccuracy you got there, Fooq! Burger King gives a 10% to Military Personnel & College students!
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  3. Not the one near the IWT arena. They are terrorist.
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