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  1. *Jacob Colton gets into the ring with his old theme music*

    I know someone may know this theme, I want to call her out because I want to have my revenge, I've been wanting revenge since her wedding where she attacked my like the bitch she is. Come on CrayJ Lee bring your ass here and make this happen, I want a match with you!
  2. OFFKF: Lol dont you ever call Victoria a bitch haha
  3. OFFKF: Is just a character, she's a great person

  4. *Victoria stands at the top of the stage looking over at Jacob in the ring

    You know Jacob, you have really turned out to be quite a waste of space. Not only do you resort to addressing a tag team champion like myself in a derogatory manner, but you think you have a right to call me out here and demand a match. Let me make something abundantly clear to you - I am so much better than you could ever hope to be. I have a triple threat match coming up for Payback and I am truly solidifying my career as the best female wrestler to grace the IWT. You want to know something else? I fully intend to become the new IWT Champ and making history. You've been a midcarder at best since you've arrived here. All you've been hoping since you got to the IWT is that Rodrigo would grace you with his presence so you could kiss the ground he walks on. You're lucky to even find someone interested in being your tag team partner after you made a complete fool of yourself crying during his retirement speech.

    *Victoria laughs

    But you know what, I'll entertain you just this once. I'd love to take on a jobber prior to my match at Payback. I can always use the practice and I do enjoy embarrassing men in front of a crowd of thousands at our IWT events. You can be the next victim on my list of superstars that have fallen to Victoria Parker.

    *Victoria drops the mic and smirks at Jacob
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  5. how can i challange some1 for belt ?
  6. OOC: Just have a match or something and then contact a champion in a thread or something like that