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    *Artist shows up in the ring which is purple tinted.*

    Artist: Does anyone remember my tirades on Dat Kid? When i shit on The Church and called out his lackey Joey Bryant and we had a war of words. What do you think i was doing that for? Kid's fro? No, Kid's little Church of Retardation? Nope. I was doing everything for the World Heavyweight Title. Dat Kid took me, stuck in ass town with Reagan Cole and gave me the motivation to go on a 2 win streak within 1 week? He gave me the material to fight for that made me 1-0 at IWT Mania. Sure probably his lame ass speeches put Anonymous to sleep but I still went on with my hand raised. I went on to get the match i had been asking for. I had been challenging for. It was established at Old School Uprising i would get the opportunity to become what people doubted and win the World Heavyweight Title.

    Artist paces around the ring in front of the camera before stopping and putting his hand on the top of the camera.

    Artist: There's one thing that i remember from that strict time in my training and in my IWT career. My lyrical showdown with 2x IWT Champion himself! Joey Bryant. That was the time i got a glimpse of the future. That particular ounce of tough competition got me prepared for Dat Kid, but when he took a shit on his skills and lost the strap i almost gave up the training that i got myself into for 2 months. *Artist wags his finger* But i didn't because i knew i would some day get the opportunity to prove myself...And that happens right now.

    Artist walks around the ring acting as if he's giving a tour of the ring

    Artist: I can't let a ripped opportunity go because win or lose i WILL prove to all that i'm not just the guy in the back with 4 past gimmicks or with the rip offs or the 5 loss streak. I won't stop until i'm on top and how do i do that? Challenge the biggest fish in the pond...Joey Bryant! Don't fear the reaper...fear the art.

    The camera faces towards the curtain.
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  2. OOC: I thought you wanted in on the WHC scene??? Farooq (@Big Boss ) is technically next in line for the IWT belt I believe.
  3. Dark match, non title. Dat Kid story write off.
  4. Dat kid wanted to face him to upgrade his w-l record. Most people have to earn it, and my buddy needs to learn it.
  5. I'mstillajobber :sad:
  6. Dat Kid stealing my plan!
  7. Well, I'm used goods to you. 2 wins at my expense. Wouldn't be surprised at a 3rd or 4th soon.
  8. Ever notice how I faced you after loses? :smug:
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  9. :cry: