Rhodes vs Adam568

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  1. Rhodes

  2. Adam568

  1. No pictures, videos, etc.
    This is a 2 promo match. Even contestant will post their 2 promos inside a 24 hour timeslot.
    Once the promo time has passed, voting will be open for another 24 hours.

    Good luck to both!
  2. I'll be in the ringside since I'm Adam's partner and one half of the tag team champions
  3. As long as this doesn't become a handicap match im okay. If you want a handicap match then book it right now.
  4. Not a handicap match. I'll be in the ringside watching. I won't interfere and if I do, I'll spoil what I write. Don't worry, not a handicap match
  5. *Theme Hits, Rodrigo appears from the crowd*
    Adam, I’m glad you showed up. You have been the champ for about…4 days and all you have done is to run away. From me, from AIDS .. From anyone that is a threat for your championship.
    And that’s not being a champ. That’s being a coward. All you’re showing is that you were just lucky. That’s all. You were lucky, and you’re afraid of putting the title in the line. Because you don’t think you and your partner would retain.
    But, I’m not interested in the title. I don’t wanna have a partner. My experience with partners has been pretty bad. One of them, is now the WWE Champ, the other one is now your partner. –Hey Nano- and he’s deeply in love with me.
    I’ve been through hell. You cannot imagine how much does this emptiness hurt. I have nothing. Nothing at all. I’m once again at the bottom of the roster. That is the consequence of being embarrassed by a champ. Being buried.

    There’s only one way for me now. And that’s up. MITB is the next PPV. It’s my chance to get a shot at what I couldn’t do last night. I need a place in that match. But I need to show everyone why I should be rewarded with it. I need to beat you.
  6. *Adam' theme hits and he walks down the ramp with the title around his waist*​
    Blah Blah Blah Blah! Way to make everyone change shows, Lets guess how much the ratings have dropped since you came out? Its to damn high to count! Ive been champ for 4 days and Im proud of that, I run from no challenges I wait to see all challenges because you and Aids would be to damn easy for my first defence. Im here to face you to prove how good I am as it seems everywhere I go I aint good enough, Im not being booked anywhere because for some reason I am not championship material, Well that idea needs to change because I have gold around my waist and will win more at Summerslam. This is the year of Chaos, The year of Adam Hawk! Theres nothing you can or will do about that. As you see im undefeated here in IWT and it seems to me that every time I get in the ring I humiliate and destroy my opponents and leave them so scarred they never return, I ended Darth's career Rodrigo, Do you not remember that? Do you not remember me beating him till he begged and pleaded for me to stop? Do you not remember him lying in a pool of his own blood? Do you not remember him being taken away? I bet you do and you dont like to think about it do you? You dont want to because you may end up like him and believe me after tonight I will make sure you end up like him.. Im the future and you are the past, Do you not remember what happens there either? New Vs Old, Rock Vs Hogan: New won! Rock Vs Cena 2: New won! The newer, fresher, Younger and better always win as many times as you will deny it its true. Oh boy is it true!​
  7. You know I'm not in love of you, I considered you my friend and I wanted to help you in everything I could. Now those times are gone, you said what I was for you, you clearly said you wanted nothing with me and from that day until today I don't consider you my friend, just another wrestler in that roster.
  8. So your friend is here with us. Yeah, not surprised, seems like you’re afraid of going one vs one with me. Or anyone else.
    Face it Adam. You’re nothing but ego. You haven’t achieved a damn thing and if you have that belt, it’s because they didn’t even try. They would have destroyed you blinded and with only one hand. You having a briefcase is a joke. Tbh, the briefcase is a joke, the important one, will be hanging at MITB. That’s just trash. Like you.
    Adam, last time I checked, I was only one year older than you. But it’s not about the age. Is about how fast you reach the spotlight. Some people like me, makes it faster than other people like you. Even if it’s a bitter experience. While you’ll spend years facing people like Based God. People who will never get a victory in this company. But it’s lame you feel proud just because you beat him. Seriously, go watch some of my matches in the indies.
    Or download my US match against Dat Kid. You might think it’s weird to cut promos longer than 10 lines. But that’s how you make your way to the Main Scene. You give everything you have. Every single match. No matter the opponent. Just a few lines would be enough to bury you. Tbh, just a promo would have been enough. But if this match has two promos. I will cut two.
    I’ve tasted the honey. I’ve felt how’s like to be at the top. Everyone respected me. There was a big pressure. But, now, now that I been humiliated. I’ve been excluded from the VIP locker room. I’m not longer a guy who’s involved in major storylines. But just for a short time. Trust me. I’m gonna be in the MITB match. I’m gonna get that contract, and I will be once again in the main event, while you.. you’ll be running away from any challenge. You will be used as a jobber. Because that’s what happens when you come out here and being afraid of facing anyone.
    Titles come and go. Easy comes, easy goes. But there’s one thing that will always be there. The respect, the memory. While people like you will be forgotten whenever you decide to retire. Oh wait .. or maybe if someone makes you retire. I hope it isn’t me, I hope you open your eyes and learn how to be a damn champion. There isn’t a title in the line, but I will kick your assas there was one.

    I’ve been humiliated, I’ve been demoted in this company. But glory means victories. I will beat you today, I will beat anyone who steps in my path, until @Britanica and Jonathan give me a shot at the MITB contract. Because I have returned 100% and I’m ready to beat anyone 24/7. You accepted to face me in this match. You’re the first guy I have to beat in order to get that shot. I will get my shot, and at the same time, I will teach you newbies, that you aren’t the ones who rule this company. You need to wait your turn, that belt means nothing if the champion sucks. I need you to teach you how a champion rolls. It’s time to show the world why should I get another opportunity.
  9. Jonathan , should be have extra time?
  10. Yeah, seen as it's not for a title. I'll add voting when Adam568 posts his other promo.

  11. No but you havent reached the top Rodrigo, Never once and thats what kills you inside! You look at me and I see the jealousy, You know you're a washed up old fool and it kills you and destroys your spirit because you know Im better and you know you cant beat me, I am better than you! When I first arrived here, You were my mentor, You took me through the steps you took me through my first days, You took me through my first match! Then one day, Poof! You were gone, You left me by myself with no word, You left and went to another company! You sold out, You took the money and you ran, You ran from the fact you were a failure, You ran from the career that took you no where because you were scarred! You were scarred of ending up on the streets so you took the first offer of money they gave you and you left, Once you left you saw me rise and rise and win and win and it made you sick! Thats why you came back thats why you threw out this challenge because I AM BETTER! You are just one sad washed up wrestler who thinks you still got it, You're pathetic, You are like every last person in that crowd, You grasp on to everything you can, Let it be money or your career, You just never know when to let go and move on, But tonight Ill show you what it feels like to have your career ended by force!​
  12. Voting opened!
  13. First Victim.