Storyline Ricky Daniels can go home

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  1. (The Blackfire comes out with his own belt)
    The Blackfire - Hello people of my world welcome to ricky daniels funeral which is on the 20th of july
    (crowd booo)
    The Blackfire - oh what is this this is my own belt THE DARK BELT and it is only for the people who i beat at iwt
    (crowd chant undertaker)
    The Blackfire - who the hell are you all on about that dark guy who has nothing thank to brock lesner
    (crowd boooo)
    The Blackfire - so Ricky if you are man enough COME OUT HERE AND TALK TO ME LIKE A MAN UNLESS YOUR A BABY
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  2. This promo would be so much better if WUK was black
  3. Erm... I believe I was the first IWT guy to create a belt then give it to himself. Where's my recognition?
  4. Your best promo yet
  5. so might me having a chance at winning this then
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