Promos Ricky Daniels - Fire - Who Done It? - Part 1

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  1. Ricky paces backstage nervously, with his trusted JD bottle in hand, as he prepares to walk his entrance out to an empty arena. The technicians usher him forward onto the make shift x, coloured to which tape they had to hand. Ricky places one battered leather boot in front of the other onto the stage. His music breaks. He starts to sing some of the lyrics to himself to distract himself from the sense of something was going to happen.

    "Ridin' down the highway, Goin' to a show, Stop in all the by-ways, Playin' rock 'n' roll" Ricky started to mutter walking slowly down to the ring; his sweat pushing his aviators down his now glistering nose.

    "Gettin' robbed, Gettin' stoned, Gettin' beat up, Broken boned!" Ricky was now belting out his theme proudly as he stop beside the ring, climbing the steel steps, sliding along the apron and slipping under the top rope into his office.

    He throws himself upon the nearest ring post and glances through the arena, the next time he would be in this position he would have thousands of fans either booing or cheering him. He embraced it like Cousin Eddy treasures his teddy.

    WHOOSH! A burst of flames shot up into Ricky's face and instantly blinded him, not permanently though. The medical team rushed from backstage screaming at each other telling the stage crew to turn the pyrotechnics off. Quite clearly their demands weren't being met. As soon as they entered the ring the pyrotechnics were switched off and the medics could see Ricky's limp corpse lying a foot away from the ring post with stands of his fair ignited and his face barely recognisable. His trusted bottle of whiskey exploded from exposer to the heat and now litters the ring with broken shards of glass.

    A dark hooded figure leaves the Pyrotechnic area running away shocked at their actions, they look over their shoulder behind to see a burnt Ricky being dealt with by the medics.
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  2. WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN TO BOTTLE HEADS!? I can't handle life without Bottle heads![​IMG]
  3. We got a story line or two in mind. Don't stress. But. Ricky wants to fight!!!
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