Right in the heart of Brotherly Love!

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  1. *A man is standing outside a giant building in the middle of the night. He has somewhat long black hair and is lightly toned. He's wearing black shoes, dark pants, and a black hoodie. He has a baseball cap on. He keeps his head down low as he begins to speak.*

    Man: Hello ladies and gentleman, my name is Brandon, and I am the newest signed wrestler to join the AMW. Now, all my life I've been training to be a wrestler, and now that moment has come. So here I am right now, outside of the very arena I am going to begin my very career in. And what better place to start my career in, then Philadelphia. A place with wrestling history galore. A top wrestling market in the north east. A place that is known to hold many a great Indy shows, with AMW being no different. This place is great and I can honestly feel the......love.

    *Brandon stops and begins clenching his fists. His body begins twitching and he falls down on his knees. He pounds on the ground and begins to laugh. He grabs his hat and throws it on the ground. Brandon stands back up and leans against the building wall. He holds his head in pain and then begins to speak.*

    Brandon: Love, huh!? Here I am, standing right in the heart of Brotherly Love! But it's funny, it's funny because I'm not feeling any love. I've never felt love and I never will. My parents didn't love me. My siblings didn't love me. Uncles, Aunts, grandparents, cousins, they all didn't love me. They looked at me in disgust and hate, and for what? Really, for what?! Because I don't even know myself. They deserted me to be nothing. They left me on the streets to fend for myself. I starved for week after week and month after month. People would walk past me and turn a blind eye. There was nothing wrong with me! I never did anything wrong. I did good in School, I followed the law, I respected others, but I guess that wasn't good enough. No, they wanted more. Or maybe they just didn't want anything to do with men at all. Maybe it was because I was to short? No, that can't be it. Maybe it was because I wasn't bulked up enough? No, that can't be it either. maybe, maybe it was because they didn't understand my dreams. They didn't understand what I have aspired to be. They didn't understand that I was passionate about walking into a wrestling company and doing what I loved. They didn't get that, did they? They wanted their little ol' Brandon to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or the god damn president. But I knew better. I knew all the things they told I could grow up to be were lies, so I decided one day after sitting at home and watching guys like Brian Pillman, Ric Flair, Bret Hart, and many more, that Wrestling was my true calling. I looked dead my parents and I told them that I didn't want to go to College. That I didn't want to be a Doctor. I wanted to be a professional wrestling, and they looked at me with a dirty look. Their mouths dropped open. They stared at men in anger and disgust, and then proceeded to have the audacity to tell me no. They said NO TO ALL MY DREAMS! That tore me to pieces! It tore my heart to shreds!

    *Brandon backs off against the wall and begins to look down.*

    I went to sleep that night with thoughts running and swirling around my head. What my parents told me ate me up inside, but I felt confident that maybe, just maybe, they'd turn over and be proud of what their little boy wants to be.

    *Brandon looks back up at the camera with a soulless stare*

    I was wrong! I WAS WRONG! When i woke up, the house was deserted. My parents and siblings were gone! All that was left was a single note. It wasn't some heart felt note or anything. It was a couple word note stating that they were leaving! Yeah, no shit! So there I stood in the middle of my house with no body. No body to comfort me. No body to help me. I was alone, just like I am today.

    *Brandon begins shaking his head and starts rubbing his eyes. He stands up off the wall and has big smile on his face, as if nothing ever happened. He picks up his hat and puts it back on. He looks back at the camera.*

    I can't wait to finally get started in this company. I know everything is going to be great. The fans, the wrestlers, the owner, it's going to be nothing but fun! Brandon out.
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