Football Right, so should this match have been called off? (non-football fans feel free to give your thoughts

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  1. A killie fan took a Heart attack (and later died) at the Hibs/Kilmarnock game today. They needed to take him onto the pitch to treat him and consequently the players were obliged to leave the field. After a break of about ten minutes, the referee and managers came to the conclusion the match needed to end and be replayed at a later date.

    I've got a big opinion on this, but I'll leave it out until this thread gets a few replies. Two questions:

    1. Should the match have been called off?

    2. How would you organise the rematch?
  2. 1) I think it should have.
    2) I wouldn't know when to have the rematch but I would make sure that there was a moments silence before it started.
  3. Took a heart attack? Is that a drug or did he have a heart attack?
  4. No, it should go on as there's no reason to stop playing. The fan that died came to see the game so he would want it to continue. It's also unfair to the other fans who are still alive.

    My 2 cents.
  5. Nah good move as i dont care who u are after witnessing that football becomes unimportant imo. Like players would have there head in the game it'd be just awkward and for some distressing.
  6. Classy move.
  7. It could cause double standards. If this happened in the CL final with a random fan, would that match be called off? Of course it wouldn't, as people have paid from abroad to come and see this, and 200+ million will be watching at home. I understand this Hibs match isn't on that scale, but what if this story goes viral, and God forbid another fan dies at a big game, would the family not expect the game to be called off in respect?

    IF the players were mentally capable of playing, then this could have easily carried on imo.
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  8. Tough one, horrible news firstly. But I think yeah, it was the right call, not one that you would see often, I know in some places there isn't a chance they would call off the game because of this but yeah, good move imo.

    Also I guess you either play a midweek game for the rematch or wait until the end of the season then play it. A lot of cases there just won't be a rematch though so that could be the case.
  9. So what is your opinion on it then?
  10. I wouldn't have called it off personally for a couple of reasons:

    Firstly, the main one, as Crayo mentioned, if this was a bigger game I'm almost certain it wouldn't have been called off. Their reasoning for calling this one off was 'to respect the fan'. If this were to happen in the Scottish Cup final, and a fan died at pitchside, would they call it off? Definitely not. And to me that says 'well that fan's life was more important than this pointless bottom 6 game, but since this one is a cup final it's more important than this fan's life'.

    Secondly, it didn't bother the players. There were some who were casually chatting and having a laugh on the pitch(although I think oblivious as to what was going on), and they could have easily played again I imagine. Similar to the Raw where King collapsed, these guys are pros and could easily have played another 35 mins I reckon.

    Finally, what would they have done if it weren't at pitchside? If it had happened at the pie stand, they wouldn't have called the game off in respect, they would have carried on.

    I understand and fully appreciate why they made the decision to call it off, but in this case, for the reasons above, I'd have played on. As for the rematch, I'd have all the proceeds go towards an appropriate charity. Many are calling for the money to go directly to the family, but again, that's a dangerous precedent to be setting for the clubs.
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  11. Agreed. Money going to the family, again, will set a viral unwritten rule that all clubs will have to do that. It should definitely go to the appropriate charity related to the horrific incident.
  12. Testify to that mah brotha.