Right, who actually plays black ops 2 here? And..

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  1. Who is going to buy Ghosts? Want to get some more CoD users online.

    I play it daily with the likes of Solidus, Xanth, Ryan (Rysenberg) and Jonafat. And with users (when they come on) like Britanica, Jabri, Danny, and Adam. Does anyone else here play it? And are you going to play Ghosts?
  2. You never ask me to play :sad:

    I play whenever someone wants to.

    Yeah gettin Ghosts day 1
  3. You suck Adam
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  4. You must blow at the game. Damn
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  5. What?

  6. He does.
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  7. \__________________________/

  8. Go away.
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  9. :nope:
  10. Battlefield :yes:

    I play BO2, not getting ghosts. I usually fuck around, but I I'm actually tryin I'm a beast
  11. I'm a Playstation guy. I have both consoles but I'll probably be getting Ghosts in about a year because I'm a lazy bastard plus I'm getting every other game. I might get in the spring.
  12. Not getting Ghosts,it's essentially every other crappy CoD game but with a dog.
    Also,Adam, you do indeed suck.
  13. You have never seen nor played cod with me.

  14. Right,I meant you suck in general.
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  15. Implying he hasn't seen Soldius' stream - you do suck though. More than Rysenberg
  16. Oooooh the irony.
  17. Not really.

    I used to suck, and I still do at times, but I'm 100x the player you are.
  18. You are not 100x the player of me so stop acting all high and mighty.
  19. Wrong.
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