Storyline Ringside Chat with Ryan Davis #1 - Jack Lux

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  1. After a fancy title card of the show and a still image of Ryan Davis preparing his suit, we head into a local arena in Los Angeles with a few hundred IWT fans in attendance. A ring is set up in the middle of the arena with two chairs in it. After a few moments, Ryan Davis makes his entrance to a storm of boos. By his side is Jeff, his cameraman, recording each second of the show. After entering the ring and soaking the the crowd's reaction, Ryan begins to speak.

    Ryan: Welcome to the very first edition of Ringside Chat with me, the savior of IWT, Ryan Davis!

    Ryan smiles as the fans don't take his statement well.

    Ryan: You all should know who I am already, I am the man who just made his debut at IWT's biggest show of the year, defeating Blackfire and forcing him to both change his name to I Got Beat by Ryan Davis and retire! Now, I talked to Michael about starting up this show and he told me if I want to do it, I need guests, meaning I can't be here by myself and talk. What kind of world is this? Anyways, here's my guest, Jack Lux or whatever....

  2. *Jack Lux walks out from a curtain to no music. He walks over to the interview area and sits down.

    Jack Lux: Thanks for that... uhh... Interesting introduction, and thank you for letting me be your first guest on new show.

    *Lux extends his hand to shake Ryan Davis's hand*
  3. Ryan blankly stares at Jack before speaking.

    Ryan: What is that?
  4. *Lux has a confused look on his face*

    Jack Lux: What do mean what is that? I'm extending my hand so you can shake it. Look I know your new, but generally when talk show hosts have a guest on there show you shake their hand.

    *Lux puts his hand back up, so Ryan Davis can shake it*
  5. Ryan Davis chuckles at the sound of Jack's comment.

    Ryan: I don't think you understand. This isn't a talk show, this is MY talk show and why the hell would I shake your hand? Give me one solid reason as to why I should even care about your existence.
  6. *Lux looks at the small crowd beforw saying*

    Jack Lux: Well, there is one good reason why you should care about my existance. It's kinda because I'm the first guest on YOUR talk show, *Chuckles* but fine you don't have to shake my hand. Just get into the questions.

    *Lux, who is a little flustered waits for Ryan Davis's questions*
  7. Ryan: Who are you?
  8. *Jack Lux, mouth cartoonishly open, and confused says*

    Jack Lux:
    I'm Jack fucking Lux! Is that a serious question!? Why don't ask me about my match at Survival or something... I'll do your fucking job for you if you want! *Calms down* Now ask me a serious question.

    *Lux waits for Ryan Davis's next question*
  9. Ryan: No, let's pump the brakes for a second, rookie. Let's talk about my glorious night at IWTMania just a while ago. I made my debut and defeated I Got Beat by Ryan Davis and now, now I'm going to face Nick who believes people actually give a damn about him. However, with you, you lost at IWTMania didn't you?

    Ryan smiles, hoping to get Jack upset.
  10. *Lux smiles and laughs*

    Jack Lux: You're one funny fucker, I'll give that. I wasn't serious about doing your job for you and I don't care that a jobber and made him retire. I wouldn't even count that as a first match, and I'm not a rookie, I'm a 9 year pro. However you're right I lost at IWTMania, I wasn't evolved in the decision, but I lost. Your match against Nick, I think you have good shot, but don't get too cocky.

    *Lux waits for the next question*
  11. Ryan falls over to the ropes, hysterically laughing.

    Ryan: Wait a second! Did you just say evolved in the decision?

    Ryan catches his breath and continues...

    Ryan: I find it humorous that you're disregarding my match at IWTMania and throwing the word jobber around when you weren't even evolved in the decision of your own match at the biggest show of the year. Seems to me like I just have a loser on my show. Nonetheless, tell me about your upcoming match at Survival, what are you looking to prove?
  12. *Lux flips off Ryan Davis*

    Jack Lux: My match at Survival is Braeden Cross vs me in an I Quit match. I want to prove that he's a no good pussy ass bitch. In fact destroy him because the shit that he has done to over the past few weeks.

    *Lux winks at a girl in the crowd, while waiting for Ryan.
  13. Ryan: And how do you plan on making him quit? If it were up to me, both of you would quit... forever.
  14. Jack Lux: Ryan, if up to me I would've kicked your ass already, but Michael said he'd give 20 grand if I did this, and want that 20 grand. Anyways how do you think I'm going to make him quit, I will put Braeden Cross through so much pain he'll have no other choice but to quit.
  15. Ryan: I don't believe you. You are nothing. You believed you would win at IWTMania and you didn't, what makes this any more different?
  16. Jack Lux: The different is that at IWTmania my match was a fatal 4 way, meaning I could lose, but not be involved in the decision. Here it's a one on one situation and I don't need to use Steiner math to help you understand that my odds are better, so umm... Believe that.
  17. Ryan: I don't believe that, not in the slightest. Throughout this entire interview you have failed in letting me know why anyone in this arena, in the locker room or even the world should care about you. What makes you different? What makes you better? What do you have that nobody else has that makes you so sure that you can walk into your match at Survival, coming off of a loss, and win?
  18. Jack Lux: I don't need to prove myself talking to you, them, or any of the guys in the back. I prove myself in the ring. I don't care if I'm coming off a loss. I know I'm better than Braeden Cross! You want to know what I have better than everyone else... I am undying! No can put me down for good, I'll just keep getting back up and continuing to fight. I think we're done here I answered your questions.

    *Lux unmics himself, he throws the on the floor and crushes it before walking off*
  19. Ryan waves goodbye as Jack walks away.

    Ryan: It looks as if someone is triggered. It's absolutely fine though, this is just a prime example as to why I respect nobody on this roster.

    The crowd boos as Ryan continues.

    Ryan: This is why I'm the fastest growing star to ever appear in IWT, I do what I want and I accomplish what I need. I made my debut against a sorry excuse of a wrestler and I beat him with no challenge. Now I'm facing Nick, ooooh he's a former World champion, the so called "Savior of the X-Division." The guy is running around this place with almost a guaranteed World title match, but even with that nobody cares about him. He's a joke, a veteran who is a joke. He wants to give me a lesson in respect. Please, respect gets you nowhere, just look at the guy who just walked off the show. Jack came out and wanted to shake my hand, probably because that's a sign of respect, right? But look at his career, he just lost a match and he wasn't able to give me a reason as to why he'll win at Survival. He is "undying".... with what evidence. Ladies and gentlemen, the bottom line is don't show respect to anyone and don't care about anyone, stand in front of a wall and smash your way through it instead of asking if you can. I'm going to be World champion by the end of this year while Jack will continue losing every match and Nick will undoubtedly retire after I embarrass him at Survival.