Storyline RIP Dat Kid

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  1. Spawn is standing in the middle of the ring when he begins to speak into the mic.

    Spawn - I couldn't resist coming out here to tell you all the great news about Dat Kid's retirement segment. Firstly I will start off by saying I do not regret what I did to him. Kid was trying to escape from me. I can't blame him, he was probably a lot smarter than all of you. But unfortunately I had to set an example. No one can escape me. Not even the smart.
    Now I do have some good news. That neck injury I caused to Dat Kid was not fatal. In fact the only damage Dat Kid received, was well...

    He is completely paralyzed from the waist down.

    Spawn lets out a wicked laugh.

    Spawn - Apparently the chances of him ever walking again are next to none. So there is the good news! Bad news is he is not the last. I will break anyone else who dares to escape my law. This is not IWT, this is not wrestling anymore. This is my lands. And in my land I set the rules. I have had enough of wrestling your matches. Perhaps now I will simply break your precious little mortal idols. I mean the IWT Legend Dat Kid couldn't even escape my power. How can any of these other chumps hope to prevent me beating the utter shit out of them?

    This is the jungle now. No one is safe now. I have set aside my views of champions and heroes. I simply want everyone in IWT. Give me everyone. You are all my prey and I am starving once more. I lost two matches at the biggest show in IWT. I brought people to their knees in fear as I came this close to defeating their champion Aids Johnson. I deserve to face anyone I want, and I dare anyone to come out now and tell me other wise.

    Everyone backstage, this is no warning, this is no ramble. This is a promise. I am coming for you all. You shouldn't hide in fear, because while you cower in the shadows I am watching you.

    Dat Kid was the first to fall, but there will be plenty more. This is the summer of Spawn. With the power of the Cult of Mortem, I will rule this world and this company. There is no man on this realm that can stop me.
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  2. Hold the fuck up for one minute....

    *Alias' voice suddenly takes over the PA System, resulting in loud mixed reaction for the man who retired Dat Kid. Alias then makes his way out on the stage, sporting a denim jacket, jeans and a beanie hat. The camera focuses on his dumbfounded expression as he ponders his next move while staring at the beast of a man that is Spawn.*
    I don't know who the fuck you are and why the fuck you're taking credit for my incomparable inhumanity and the bloodshed that I caused at IWTMania IV. I beat Kid to a bloody pulp inside the ring and backstage and yet you still have the shameless impudence to come out here and claim his soul like some sort of monster when we all know you lost not one, but TWO title matches at IWTMania IV. You ain't slick, my G.

    You see, after my war with Jabri and afrer I brutalized him once again backstage I said a little something. But it's as if the new blood like yourself can't seem tp comprehend it at all though. So let me tell you again, loud and clear.

    *Alias enters the ring, and stands closer to Spawn.*
    Daddy's home. IWT is mine again. The Decadence is here. No one will impede me from getting back what's mine. No one will stop me from causing mass destruction until I get back my fucking IWT Title that I never lost in the first place. And that anyone who would DARE to get in my way, would suffer very vast and costly consequences.

    And frankly, you seem like fake, deceitful, delusive little wannabe big guy who's been watching too many The Order, Farooq and Alias Antonio tapes combined.

    So unless you want to get your ass handed to you old school Alias style, I suggest you leave my goddamn ring now you son of a bitch.
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  3. Spawn's wicked face quickly turned to frustration as he was interrupted by Alias Antonio. Spawn quickly lost his cool. He was a god, no mere man would interrupt him.
    Alias, Fucking Antonio...
    I know who you are, but I figured you were just gonna try and remain as irrelevant as you already are. I am very shocked that you would think you could come out here in the middle of my speech! And not only does this man come out here while I am speaking, he then tries to talk down to me as if he rules me. Boy, Dat Kid must of knocked you around quite a bit mustn't he. See not even Aids Johnson was dumb enough to come out here and interrupt me. So Alias, are you a fool or just a rude sack of shit?

    It doesn't matter. You have already pissed me off. Alias Antonio. You are next. These people will learn what happens to those who question me. So oyu better bring that old school Alias style or else you might end up just like poor Dat Kid. At this next PPV I am not going to break your neck. I will rip your fucking tongue out in front of you own eyes. Then you will learn to hold your pathetic and pointless words.

    With that, Spawn slapped his huge hand around Alias' neck and began to lift him off the air!
  4. *Alias' facial expressions soon turn morbin as Spawn lifts him up in the air. Alias tries to escape, scratching and clawing but Spawn's grip is too tight. Alias then grabs something out of the pocket from his denim jacket and smashes Spawn's face with it, taking him aback a few steps, resulting in him letting Alias go. He reveals that they were brass knuckles as he smirks sadistically. He runs towards Spawn to strike him again but Spawn ducks and sends him up and over the top rope, but Antonio quickly sweeps Spawn's legs and takes him outside too. They start throwing vicious lefts and rights at eachother till a whole crew of personnel make their way out to stop the fight. They struggle but somehow achieve it. Alias, furious and gasping for air, grabs a mic.*

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  5. Spawn is trying to be held back by 5 security members when he screams out

    You have no clue who I am little boy!

    With that Spawn literally sent the 5 men holding him back flying off the ramp as he charged at Alias and the other guards like a raging bull, running head first for Antonio.
  6. *Spawn literally runs head first into Alias' chest, sending him to the barricade in the meantime. The personnel that were holding Alias back now begin to hold Spawn back as Alias slowly gets back up, clutching his chest. Once he's up, he grabs the steel stairs, lifts it up, and THROWS it towards Spawn's direction. tHE CROWD ARE WILD. Everyone, including him, tumble down as Alias smirks once again. Alias takes this opportunity to lay a few extra punches to Spawn while he's grounded but then decides to walk to the back as he observes the carnage*​
  7. Alias strides backstage after soaking in the damage he did to the demon with a smile on his face. several of the personal spread of to find Alias and the others all brush themselves off as they make their way to check on Spawn. Before they get to close, Spawn simply sits up and looks at them all with a mean look. All of the security team simply look at each other before leaping the barricade and running away from Spawn.

    Spawn looks deep into the camera with a furious look before the segment ends.
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