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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Fullofit, May 12, 2013.

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  1. Come here to pay your respects to the site which most of us have known and loved. I'd just like to say that I know most of you guys don't like me, and I get that. But Im gonna fucking miss that site. Ill never forget it. :emoji_slight_frown:
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  2. I don't think anyone dislikes you dude, because no one here really knows you yet. Pulse is a cool guy and I've known him for a while. It's sad to see he shut down MP, but he definitely had more stress there than I have here.
  3. Im talking about at MP lol
  4. (Not hating right here) Im a bit concerned that people will act like the way it was with the merge, Having a MP group and stuff. It takes away from being on WWEF and acting like this is MP again. The people ruined MP, Dont ruin WWEF too.
  5. Just to say I was a newcomer on MP (2/3 months on there) and I am really fucking bummed the forum was shut down, I may sound like a **** but that is the only reason I have joined here. I will not sound like a nice guy and say I love it here, I would rather be honest and see what this forum is like. #RIPMP
  6. Oh right, I see. You can see why I was confused :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
  7. Don't know why we have to pay respect to a site we've never been on, but nonetheless, R.I.P. Machinima Palooza. 2012 - 2013
    Hope Pul$3 is doing alright.
  8. Yeah, when you's all came here and formed a 'MP Group' it was really annoying. This is WWEForums and you're new here, so be nice :emoji_wink:
  9. What the fuck is MP?
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  10. Another wrestling forum that has shut down.
  12. You screwed us over Adam when you were being a douche 24/7.
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  13. Honestly... I agree with some of the members from WWEF that posted on this thread. I loved MP and all, it was my first forum, but it looks bad us joining here talking about MP 24/7, and I really don't understand why making this thread, and I could really understand if this gets annoying to any of the members here. (P.S. I think an MP group would be okay, where we can talk about MP privately, instead of spamming the members here with a site some don't even know :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.)
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  14. I'm sorry that your old forum was shut down. I'm sure it was a great community many of you enjoyed. With that being said, WWEF is a great community too with many great members and fans of wrestling. There's plenty to discuss here and I'm sure that all of you can find your place here. However, I think that will be harder to do if we're alienating ourselves from each other. It shouldn't be a matter of us versus them. We're all a part of the same community now and it shouldn't matter too much where you came from. At the very least we should be able to get along based on having some of the same shared interests :emoji_slight_smile:
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  15. I'll miss MP but you gotta move on bro
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  16. You're just mad because nobody liked you on MP.
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  17. I personally don't think this thread was necessary, while it's sad MP got shut down and all, this is a different forum, I don't think the members want us to here you guys whine about MP getting shut down, when it's there forum.
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  18. No one cares.
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  19. In all honesty, you kinda ruined MP.
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  20. Very true.