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    A large photo of Trip sits in the ring covered in flowers.
    Inside the ring are empty chairs and a red carpet.

    Commentator 1: We're back from commercial break, but it appears there's been some set up for a funeral. This wasn't scheduled for tonight and I'm getting no word of what this is. I hope everything is-

    On the stage Farooq's baptist church starts singing some shit. Members of the church carry a coffin to the ring, behind them are a bunch of dogs dressed in adorable black funeral attire. The church members place the coffin in the ring, but they leave right after, leaving only the dogs in the ring, shitting, pissing, and fucking each other.

    The lights dims to purple, the music cuts, and the choir stops singing, looking confused.

    Commentator 1: Oh no...
    Smoke billows up from the stage, swallowing the choir. Dat Kid comes out of the smoke, but before he heads to the ring he gets in the faces of the choir who return a stern look until he jumps at one of them and they trip, falling over. Dat Kid walks to the ring laughing in his all ring attire.

    Kid walks into the ring and gets behind a pedestal.

    Friends, family, and the idiots sitting around us, we are here not to celebrate the life and times of Tripus "Pussyfat" Head. Instead we are here to condemn his soul to hell where it currently burns and hopefully our spiteful aggression towards him will somehow reach him so that he knows that even in death people despise him.

    Crowd: Pussyfat! Pussyfat! Pussyfat! Pussyfat!

    Kid looks up at the crowd

    Did I ask for your opinion?

    The crowd boos. Dat Kid picks up a piece of paper.

    Trip spent his early years at humane societies locked behind a cage with stray dogs like himself. It was where he met the love of his life, Skipper. Skipper of course was a male dog, but it was the 21st century so it was accepted amongst the dog community. They had a happy marriage where Skipper would mount Trip on a daily basis, making him howl like a bitch every night.

    Their partnership lasted about 3 years until Trip was adopted by a dirty slut named Britanica. Britanica, looking to feel the empty void in her heart and gapping snatch that was left by FTJ was really desperate. So Brit adopted Trip for acts of beastiality. She was so confused that she decided to sign this dog to an IWT contract and paired up with Saddam Huss- I mean Marcus Anthony to form the Spice Girls.

    The Spice Girls went on to win the tag championships, which basically anyone can do, unless you're Micheal. That would be the biggest moment in Trip's career and then he would go on to die in a car accident after chasing after a ball Dat Kid threw in the middle of the highway.

    Kid puts the paper away and looks over at the coffin.

    I can't help but think you got the better end of this deal, you selfish son of a bitch. You leave me here with a stipulation i can't cash in on because you're dead, You leave me with this dying show and the fatass who we've been trying to get rid of for close to two years now. You leave me with lazy main eventers like Gav, Joey, Alias and arrogant rookies who don't even deserve to have their name roll off my tounge.

    Dat Kid gets in front of the closed coffin.

    WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! You think you're just going to get away with this? Get an FSW referee out here right now!

    An FSW ref runs to the ring. Dat Kid knocks the coffin to the ground and the dogs scatter, some stay and bark at Kid. Kid kicks one of the dogs out of the ring. Kid orders the ref to start the match. The ref leans through the ropes to the announcer.

    Announcer: The hollowing match is scheduled for one fall and the loser of this match is a-

    The announcer stops, Kid glares. a giant flaming faggot.

    The ref calls for the bell to ring. Kid puts his foot on the coffin and the ref counts


    Count faster you idiot!


    The ref calls for the bell and Kid gets his hand raised in victory.

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