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  1. As Old School Uprising ends, a Video is shown around the Arena. A Black screen is shown with the words 'Rise' in red being shown before it changes to a room, being broadcasted from an unknown location. A figure moves into the camera's view and he sits at a nearby table, his face covered by a black hood with only a beard being seen by the Camera.

    "IWT...throughout this month, I have been on a journey...A journey to find the answers which have now been found. What I was Fighting for, What I was in IWT For...I found what I was meant for.
    IWT, After Uprising, I will return to reclaim what is mine...I will come back and I will take my Title back from Joey Bryant or Whatever fool comes my way...and Anarchy shall reign once again.

    I am the Anti-Christ of IWT, The Hell spawn of this company....and I will be the end of it....I will rise....rise....RISE!

    The Video cuts off leaving a the word "Rise" on the screen in red writing as the Video End.
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