Storyline "RISE"

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  1. The Lights in the Arena are turned down as a video begins to play on the screen, showing nothing but a black screen before a voice is heard.

    "Pride...Honor....Respect....The Three Main pieces of a Wrestling Career....The Missing Pieces of My Career....

    I once Fell down the ranks...but soon, IWT, I will Rise Again...."

    The Words Rise Again are shown on the screen with a date shown afterwards, the same date as the IWT Rumble. The Video soon ends before The lights come back on as the next match is announced.

    OOC - I have been asked to anonymously post this.
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  2. I feel like i know who it is, but last time i guessed i was WAY off.

    I look forward to seeing whoever you are!
  3. Rise again? You mean like a Phoenix???:yeah:
  4. @Roadie this shit is stupid already.
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  5. Fell down the ranks? Probably seabs.
  6. forrest guys it's obvious
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  7. inb4 it is me