Promos Road Stop (IWT Open Challenge!)

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  1. Roadster Comes Out with Country Music Playing, Where his Cowboy get up is looking more cheesier than ever and smelling of highly priced Axe

    Welcome to the talk show of the century The ROAD STOP! *CROWD BOOS LIKE CRAZY* I'm here tonight because i am waiting for my break out! *NOT ONE CHEER TO BE HEARD* I have been sitting watching guys like @Aids Johnson and Dat....Kid be the talk of the IWT? *HAS A DISGUSTED LOOK ON HIS FACE* HAHA. The Roadster is not a fan of Aids Johnson nor @Dat Kid ! The Roadster is better than anyone of them let alone guys like @WarMachine and @Senhor Perfect i am not only better than them.......I F**KED THEIR MOMS!
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  2. The lights dim, as a limping Aids Johnson walks out. The crowd pops loudly as he stops at the stage, before jogging down to the ring sliding in. He snags the mic from Roaster, holding his pose as he waits slowly, staring Roaster down before holding up the mic.

    You and MY mother!? Dat kids mom gave you herpes, i pray to god you got my mom before you went to Jersey and hooded it up. You want a fight! @gav the chav come out here and take this character my friend! This newfag wants a match and it's time for him to be welcomed into the IWT, CHAV style!
  3. Kaizer grabs the popcorn
  4. Crowd chants, "JOEY BRYANT" clap clap clapclapclap
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  5. *Jwab grins madly. Camera man faces him and Jwab can't stop from laughing. He gives a thumbs up to the camera-man [​IMG]*
  6. Aids soaks in the chants, laughing. He goes to hand the mic to Roadster, but hands it himself

    Joey Bryant doesnt have anything on Aids the champ, when he comes out you all will know it ahead of time. Do i look like Dat kid? No, a champion is in the ring, respect my time and you can mark for the IWTs future hero later. *crowd begins to boo loudly, as Aids smiles, hitting Roadster with friendly handshake*
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  7. Backstage Interview with Roadster directly after the Road Stop...

    "Hello ladies and gentlemen my name is Horace Tekinwayway and my guest tonight is (The) Roadster!"
    Roadster: Shut your darn mouth you untalented, poor excuse for a interviewer! you see i will bash my famed Belgium country singer of the year guitar on your ugly face and i will knock some sense into that thing you call a brain while the rest of the world calls it the remains of my dump 28 years ago (the age of Horace) speaking of talking sense, @Aids Johnson .....YOU NEVER INTERRUPT THE BEST THING GOING TODAY! YOU NEVER INTERRUPT THE ROADSTER!!! *HE SAYS WHILE HIS FACE TURNS RED WITH ANGER AND PURPLE WITH THE LACK OF OXYGEN* Joey Bryant is nothing compared to me! i will not stand for all you untalented fat tubs of lard chanting somebody else's name during MY show! you got that! The Roadster is not happy with any of you! The Roadster in that case is angrier than @Dat Kid when he finds out he will have another brother coming soon and he will be known as little Roadster JR! Because when @Dat Kid meets *PULLS OUT 9:MM GLOCK* this, my little buddy, their will be a bigger accident in the ring than May 23rd 1999! So Dat Kid! if i were you i will stay away from me because i will BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT! Gav The Chav is another story for another time, so... Bad Chorus Horace..take that mic and try shoving it into Johnsons brains if you can find them!

    Thus Roadster takes his Belgium Country Singer of the Year guitar and a 9:MM glock with him to ringside and wheres cowboy vests with a different message each time depending on the upcoming match, a previous event, or trash talk, also in case of the storyline ensuing.
  8. (Gav the chav) bring it