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Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Roadster, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Roadster comes out with all of his props a vest reading "Tin Plate Wanter" smelling of imported wine
    Welcome to the talk show of the century, Welcome to the Road Stop!

    Now y'all see i am here not because i want a fight i have a fight goin on with @gav the chav but one thing caught my eye! The tin plates he a @Dazzle Reigns were carryin around. When The Roadster sees something he likes, well The Roadster gets it. Not only was he holdin the title but he also stated "No one in the IWT can touch them" and that got me thinking? if i can verbally rape him then maybe i can find someone who is also working for their break out and if not someone who is willing to defeat a couple chumps before we go for the IWT Tag gold, The Roadster is not just a ordinary competitor! i am the 2006 Bulgarian Country Singer of the Year and this guitar is what i show for it! i am poisonous on this Mic and just as poisonous when singin a tune! And if y'all ain't persuaded yet *PULLS OUT HIS 9:MM GLOCK* i have something that can get us the win each time *HE SAYS WITH A THINKING LOOKS ON HIS FACE* So enough chatter i am callin out any Huckleberry fin in the back who wants tag greatness, and just sayin anyone planning anything funny...*CROWD SAYS LOUD AND PROUD IN UNISON* "I Don't Call 911

    Reply or PM if you want to tag!
  2. OOC: Just an FYI, there is a tournament currently going on to find the #1 contenders for the tag belts. Finals are at EC I believe. But, I think they would be looking for a team to take on the Dazzling Chavs at EC. Not sure if it would be for the titles though.
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  3. OOC: You can probably ask @Nano since he bailed on his one storyline. He's open
  4. Nah, I don't want to got in a tag team as of now.
  5. OOC: What are you doing, right now? I never see you post or have a match anymore.
  6. Being a jobber. jk.
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  7. Nothing as of now, but plan on coming back next month. I'm thinking on what to do next.
    Not kidding if we're honest I've been a jobber since day 1