Storyline Road Stop With Aids!!

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  1. Roadster makes his way down with his taped together Bulgarian Country Singer of the Year guitar, 9:MM Glock all in hand, wearing expected black leather pants, red cowboy boots and green cowboy hat! His vest reads "I Will Destroy Aids!"

    Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Road Stop! *CROWD SAYS IN UNISON*

    Now our guest here on this edition, is the current IWT world champ and a former 3 time IWT Champ, he is @Dat Kid fav, he is none other than @Aids Johnson

    *AIds Music hits and the crowd goes wild only to see the roadie dressed up again like he had done with Dazzle*

    Roadster: Now y'all see, your, no no our world champion is special. Give the guy some slack the guy can't even cut a decent promo *He says while smirking and giggling at the same time* The guy can't do anything right, he is nothing, he is what he says he is, he is the greatest incurable disease known through out the IWT he is the personification of AIDS!

    Aids (F): What should i do master?


    Roadster: Aids, you know you can't beat me, that's why you have avoided all my call outs, and that shows you have a bigger pussy than VP, and oh yeah speaking of her...SHE WAS ALWAYS BETTER THAN YOU! *CROWD SCREAMS, OHHHHH*
  2. OOC: pssst, Aids was never world champ and is the current IWT Champ. :urm:
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  3. He said he was!

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  4. Aids is a dirty liar and we'll say anything to get himself over. Just call him irrelevant a bunch of times and you'll see what I mean
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  5. A Sudden flurry of machine gun sounding pyro goes off, and the crowd pops loudly as Aids Johnson walks out seconds later, holding his IWT title proudly in his hand. Aids is wearing a suit, but his left arm is currently in a sling, and he is wearing a knee brace. Aids stops at the top of the ramp, raising his IWT title with his right hand, before slinging it over his shoulder and pulling a microphone out of his jacket pocket.

    The champ is here! I like your jokes Roadster, you come in the company, my company by the way, and plan on making your impact by calling out the biggest name in the biz-a-ness, and so here I am, obliging your hidden plea for attention. Am I going to face you? No, of course not. #1 never faces #35, you're going to have to climb the ladder before I spend 5 minutes of my time to kick you back down.

    So here is what your champion is suggesting. Setup matches, win your way up the card. Stop for a while, and see if you can find the X-division or Intercontinental gold, because no matter how long it takes you, no matter what your record is when you finally get to the top....I will still be there waiting for you. You can call me out all you want, take your shots, make your jokes, you aren't the first and you won't be the last to depend on my name to get your name recognized.

    Now get in the back of the line, just like everybody else. Hit my music.

    *Aids music hits and he holds the title up one more time, pointing down the ring at the Roadster and Fake Aids, before turning and walking backstage.

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    im iWT champ, not WHC roadster. Think of it like how WWE had it before. Oh, and don't listen to Dat Kid about gold, he probably doesnt even remember what it's like to be a champion it's been so long.