Storyline Road Stop with B.Dazzle

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  1. Roadster's music hits, he comes out wearing his usual get up of Red cowboy boots, Black leather pants, a green cowboy hat, and a vest reading "Here's Johnny" also he has his Bulgarian Country Singer of the Year taped up along with his gun, he also has the smell of Mountain Dew

    Welcome to the IWT talk show of the century! welcome to the *SAID IN UNISON* Road Stop!

    For the first time in show history we have a guest! Tonight's guest is none other than..... @DazzleMania


    Roadster: Now we see you had your fare share of fans, nothing compared to my fan base! Now lets get down to business! Ok @DazzleMania do you think you can beat me?

    Dazzle: No, i know i'm goin to loose and especially if you have @Forrest with you!

    Roadster: Alright calm down, you see you will never beat me and you will never be as big a star as i am to become! I don't need a flashy name, nor some flashy song all i need is 1 of y'all Huckleberry Toot Da Dilly Do's in the IWT to respect me! I am growin tired of guys like you, thinking it's perfectly fine to disrespect me! I deserve respect! Now stand over there!

    Dazzle: Here?

    Roadster: Yeah, Just right!

    *Roadster bashes his taped together Bulgarian Country Singer of the Year guitar on his head, and taking out his gun*

  2. OOC: All right, I'll respond in a bit. I was actually making a challenge thread, so I'm going to do that real quick.

  3. *B.Dazzle's theme hits and the fans go crazy. B.Dazzle barges out from the backstage area and stands at the top of the entrance ramp. B.Dazzle begins pacing back and forth for a little before stopping. He puts his mic up to his mouth.*

    B.Dazzle: Who....who...who in the bluest of all holy hell are you?

    Roadster: I'm the next big thing, Road....

    B.Dazzle: It doesn't matter who you are?! It doesn't matter now and it won't matter later. B.Dazzle doesn't even know who your stuck in the mud, one chromosome short, candy ass is, and quite frankly he doesn't want to. B.Dazzle gets it though. You want to make an impression. You come out here with all these funny jabs at B.Dazzle. You get this giant lard of tub who looks like he hasn't ran around since the day Twinkies went out of business.

    *Crowd laughs.*

    Dazzle: The only fan base you have is your self and your left and right hands. You come out here taking shots at B.Dazzle as if you are somebody. Well let B.Dazzle telly you something. You are not, and B.Dazzle means not, a somebody. You are a nobody trying to make an impact, but failing at it. It doesn't really matter who you bring with you, Jabroni. You can bring Forrest, Dat Kid, the bulgarian army, and even God himself. B.Dazzle will still whip those candy asses over this arena.

    *Huge crowd pop.*

    Dazzle: Respect you? B.Dazzle doesn't respect you? Jabroni, B.Dazzle can't respect somebody he didn't even knew existed until five minutes ago. Sit your punk ass down before B.Dazzle makes sure you can never sit again. Now, Roadster is it, B.Dazzle has a simple request he wants you to do. First he wants you to retape your guitar. Then B.Dazzle wants you to give a little tune. That's right, tune that guitar. Next, you are going to need to shine that guitar up real nice. After you've done that, B.Dazzle is going to need you to proceed to turn that guitar sideways. Now after your guitar has been taped, tuned, shined up, and turned sideways, B.Dazzle wants you to finally call 9.1.1. so you can tell them that B.Dazzle just stuck your own guitar straight up your roody poo candy ass!

    *Crowd goes wild with chants of "Dazzle".*
  4. Haha, you think you're so funny! THESE fat lards think you're funny!

    Well, wanna know something known as a wake up call, This world isn't mean't for your kind, the kind that pampers to these, Huckleberry Fins!

    I am the next big thing! Wanna know how i know it?

    Dazzle: Yes I Want To Kn-

    Roadster: It doesn't matter what you want to know! *Crowd starts chanting HE BURNED YOU* and i could tape my guitar back together but before i do *GRABS GUITAR FROM BENETH THE RING* I have a little tune for you!

    "Oh you bastard, you call yourself the Dazzling Onnnne! But really you're nothing you punk ass son! You pamper to these pussies all daaay, we all know because you need help for your male v-jay-jaaay!

    Now listen up i tell you this, you take this as a word of suggestion! I Don't Play Arounf *PULLS OUT 9:MM GLCOK WITH CRAZED LOOK* and i also *SAID LOUDLY AND PROUDLY IN UNISON WITH THE CROWD* I DON'T CALL 9.1.1!

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