Road to Victory! (WWE 2k16 MyCareer)

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  1. From the back alleys of Belfast comes the Irish brawler that lives to fight! I give you Adam McGregor!


    After signing a contract with WWE, he is working his way up the developmental roster. We meet him after his pay per view win after a hard fought brawl with Tyler Breeze.

    NXT Taping Week 1

    Adam is seen backstage being interviewed by Renee.

    Your thoughts on your opponent for Tonight - Finn Balor?

    I'll tell you what I think of Balor. He calls himself a demon, he can paint his body and his face but I know he's just a scared little man hiding behind all his make up. Lassy, men don't put make up!

    Finn, Balor, whatever you call yourself. Be ready. Because tonight we are not only main eventing the show, but tonight you see why I'm the BEST wrestler that side of the pond. These people don't know it yet, but after tonight. They will. After tonight, you'll feel pain just at the thought of being next to me. I will OBLITERATE YA LADDY!

    Adam walks off beating his chest and towards the ramp.

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    This thread will (if not closed down within seconds, because I am not sure if this is the right section XD) show the path to greatness of Adam McGregor. The man with no soul.

    It will mostly be in a diary/wrester's perspective and I'll add some narrative/promo depending on what happens in game.
  2. This guy looks like the most Irish person ever
  3. Believe it or not, the guy itself is a 'template' for the most part that WWE 2k had XD i just threw some tats on, made the beard bigger and gave him matching tights :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  4. I can assure you all that very few Irish people actually look like that.
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