Road To WrestleMania Dates & Venues Announced

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  1. WWE has announced that next year's Royal Rumble pay-per-view will take place on January, 26th in the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This will be the first ever WWE pay-per-view at the Consol Energy Center due to it only being opened in 2010, after the demolition of the Mellon Arena. This will also be the first WWE pay-per-view in Pittsburgh since Bragging Rights 2009. The Elimination Chamber pay-per-view will take place on February, 16th in the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota and will be the first WWE pay-per-view there since Bragging Rights 2010!
  2. Pittsburg is far but reasonably in driving distance and I really want to see a Royal Rumble live at least once in my life time
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  3. It sucks to live in the UK.
  4. Hey I'm sure your live events are way better than ours
  5. Very, They go all out on UK Live Events. Most American ones look like jobberville
  6. What's that? I can't hear you over my 5th consecutive Wrestlemania
  7. Elimination Chamber? I will.
  8. The product is American chief. I know i dont have to remind you of that, but it makes sense to let you think about whose product you are talking about. :pity:
  9. Whats wrong with saying the US LIVE EVENTs not TV events are bad in the US? They arent 5 star here but better than US ones.
  10. You can have whatever opinion you want, but there are plenty of cities full of dank crowds here. How many UK wrestlers do you see on WWE tv weekly?
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  11. Pretty sure US and UK events are more or less the same (booking wise), you guys just don't get events as often so you masturbate as much as possible when you do get them.
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  13. Did I mention anything about UK wrestlers? No.
  14. I didnt say anything to do with UK Vs US shit. I was talking about live events.
  15. You have a really hard time understanding the point of the post. You can have a great crowd, all you are doing is cheering on wrestlers. We have plenty of venues that are > yours because the hometown hero is there. NY, Chi, Mil? and plenty of others have great crowds. Like Deth said, you just get more excited because we can see them any week, and you can only see them for 1 month a year.
  16. so is he.
  17. Not many but tbh there aren't many wrestlers in the WWE that aren't American. That doesnt automatically make American wrestlers better just cheaper no doubt due to the logistics of things.

    Plus the quota of UK wrestlers has zero to do with how good a show is anyways.
  18. Yes are crowds will be livelier due to not seeing the product as much.
  19. it was a cheap shot on adam, the point was we have mark crowds for wrestlers because they are from there. I will admit the UK has a better crowd (how many visit for WM, and that Raw in jersey after was GOAT) but my statement is you cant say UK events > US because we have events like Chicago, jersey (home for WM29/raw) NY and others who have great crowds. The difference is that since we have so many more events than you, we have some shitty cities.

    Bork agrees.
  20. I wasnt talking about crowds either. The crowd at my arena are mainly kids so they just boo heels and pop for Cena.
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