Road Warrior on Sting not being an icon until he comes to WWE.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Direct quote from Road Warrior. Discuss.
  2. Bullshit. He goes over he's a legend, he doesn't go over he's an icon who shows you can make it without Vince's pushing of you. Who else can claim to have been a bigger star without the WWE's marketing spin in North American wrestling?
  3. Completely agreed.
  4. I give him big credit for everything he has done. He doesn't need to be in WWE. If he were to go to WWE, they could say they basically have had every huge star ever. He is an icon and will be where ever he is at.

    In my opinion he is too far into his career to start a legacy in WWE.
  5. Yeah sorry Animal Sting is already an Icon. Did anybody not know about the Sting rumors of coming to WWE? Yeah if that man can get people excited just about a rumor than he is an icon.
  6. What is Road Warrior such a WWE honk?

    He acts like his brother is an exec for the company or something

    Where does he get off saying WWE is so great?

    What is he ? Is he related to the guy running RAW? Is Road Warrior Animal even related to anybody to could ever run Smackdown?

    Geez, this guy needs a grip.
  7. Animal is full of shit, and he's lying. Sting was in WCW feuding with guys like Hogan when WCW was at its absolute height. He's been in the #1 wrestling company in the world, it just wasn't WWE at the time but it didn't have to be, it was #1 regardless. Sting coming to WWE for one match would just be the icing on the cake of his career, but it's not necessary. He's certainly worth more to wrestling than the Road Warriors.
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  8. Agreed.

    Sting is a boss, he doesn't have to prove anything to anybody.
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