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    Aids comes running out of the stage backwards wearing the IWT Championship, the light flickers and as quick as it did Dat Kid appeared, fire erupts from the stage and Alias crawls out of the flames. All three men meet in the center of the stage and throw up the kliq handsign now sporting IW3 black and white t-shirts. Sage holding a microphone follows behind them wearing a women's fit IW3 t-shirt, yoga pants, headband, wristband, Jordan's, Rolex, and a gold chain with the faces of all three men on the end. It's obvious the boys are trying to sell some merch.

    The crowd still unhappy about the trio boos them as they walk down to the ring. Kid slides in the ring, Alias climbs the turnbuckle, staring the crowd down, and Aids takes the center apron, holding out both arms with the title in his left hand. Sage makes her way into the ring, still holding the mic, Kid waves her over.

    Kid: The time has come to repent for your sins and believe me, every single one of you have a lot to repent for. But unlike you guys who break the 8th deadly sin, inferiority, the scum in the locker room have way worse to repent for. Their sin being envy. Envious that for nearly half a decade the three of us have been the be all end all of this company. But no man is more envious than Micheal!

    You know, you've got a lot of people fooled into thinking you're the best thing that's happened to this place. The reality is, your not. I would take Jonathan twice over before I let you spend another day in charge of this company, and that's exactly what we're going to do.

    You screwed over Aids Johnson when you decided to make the Universal title the main event. We're not stupid, every knows that belt is just a phase just like the World Heavyweight Championship, and when you're done playing make believe you're going to realize that the only prize that matters in this business is the IWT Championship and that's because we hold it. The Universal Championship does not represent the best IWT has to offer, it only represents your inability to run this show!

    You want to replace something that sells tickets, puts asses in seats, and keeps your ass in the job because you can't touch us, just like that locker room can't touch us. Meanwhile you got a bunch of troubled youth that im sure you adopted from an orphanage to try and "take over" and their efforts are so delusionally fruitless that I'm not going to even mention them by name. You got an Intercontinental Champion who thinks he's a main eventer. You're bringing back a division that's just going to die in a month after this tournament ends. By the way, nice to see you're back Joey Bryant...back at the bottom of the pile in a division no one cares about, just like you were when I saved you from Frie. Not even God will save you now. We got a bootleg version of my ex-fiance. We got a man who is more than likely a serial killer who's watched too many Bob Ross episodes. We HAD a monster who turned out to be just another scrub when he took off his mask. Jwab still sucks, and worst of all Nick is holding the Money in the Bank briefcase.

    You call that better than Jono? I say that we're in a crisis, I say we're in a state of emergency, I say we're on the verge of the apocalypse and the only people who can save us So Micheal, the question is, will you repent for your sins? Will you do YOUR JOB and put us in the main event of Anarchy? Or will you be...Roadkill.

    @Roadster @Aidsey Amore @THG?
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  2. *After waiting a few minutes, Alias impatiently snatches the microphone out of Kid's hands. He smiles and scratches his head annoyingly beforehand.*
    Listen up, Michael. I know you've been busy lately pretending and trying to convince yourself and every baboon in the locker room that you're a decent wrestler and General Manager. The facts are as plain as sight though my friend. And the hypocrisy you drag along with your inflated, yet undeserving, pompous ego is even moreso apparent.

    The 3 men you're looking at standing in this very ring are 3 of the greatest wrestlers to step foot in said ring because of 1 reason. It's because we incite a REACTION out of these people. Whether it be hate, love, cheers, boos, jeers, laughs; whatever the fuck you want it to be, we elicit interest which is something not many people on this roster have been able to say ever, let alone now, let alone in the future. So the main reason we're standing here as prestigious, famous and rich as we are is because we've single-handedly remodelled this industry time and time again, and we will continue to do so time and time again because it is all WE KNOW. We love this but we hate what it has become. And let me tell you one of those reasons....

    ....Because Michael walks around here on his high horse like a man who can say whatever untrue bullshit he wants without the slightest repercussions being delivered in return. Because he says things like "Alias doesn't care about this company because he has no-showed 20000 main events!.". He says things like "Alias has never cared about this company.". He says things like "Alias is an old, lazy ****.". He says things like "Your time is over, fellas! Let these new IWT wankers shine just so I can take their fuckin spotlight when they do so to make myself look like an honorable fucking man and general manager!".

    He talks that much trash about what we are, and what our intentions are. He calls us every name in the book just to make himself look cool. He purposely buries the house the 3 of us built that has allowed IWT to procure it's existence. HE DISRESPECTS OUR DAMN INTEGRITY.......He thinks we should be gone because we're too damn good and have been too damn good for too many damn years. But all of that isn't the funniest part....because in spite of all the hatred and lies he spews.....he brings seriously, he brings back.....listen to this folks.....he brings back a man who contradicts every single thing he supposedly hates about us.....he brings back.....

    .....Joey Bryant.

    *Alias can't contain his laughter and looks over to Kid and Aids who are also cackling.*
    It's ridiculous man. And we're supposedly the bad guys? Give us a break.

    So what that little shit Michael is going to do, is put the IWT Championship in the main event of IWT Anarchy as it has always been, and as it always should be as long as you have true main-eventers like the IW3 on your roster. You may think we're a thorn on your side, but when you think about it. we're your only damn hope. Making tag divisions and 50 different belts isn't going to change a damn perspective on how this company's viewed. It won't get more prestigious, it won't get more attention. It won't get absolutely nothing because you need legends like us putting these young ****s over. So as far as I'm concerned, we could take the TV Title, and be the main event. We could take the Tag Titles, and be the main event. We could certainly take those trashman belts the IC and Universal title under our wings, and be the main event. These belts don't elevate us, man. We elevate these belts, these superstars, this fucking company just by being in it's very presence. So the next time you think about disrespecting all we've done for this shithole, just think where you would be without us.

    So you absolutely owe us an apology Michael, and this main event. Shit, you owe us everything but we're not too demanding.......yet.

    Come out.

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  3. OOC: Just got home, and have the weekend off. Expect a reply soon.
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  4. The lights begin flashing around as the crowd let out a dragged out roar. Michael walks out wearing a silk navy suit. He is met with a large ovation. He walks around the stage and looks around the crowd with a smile. He walks down to mid-ramp and takes a microphone out of his pocket and proceeds to rub his chin in confusion. He looks around at the crowd with another smile before settling and holding up the microphone.

    Michael: IW3, New World Order or whatever you want to call yourself. You aren't legends, you aren't polarizing faces, you aren't the faces that represent this company. You are moaning bitches. You have no idea what you've done or what you're saying. You're old-timers, your places are dying, your just placeholders at this point, and it's apparent all of you know what's happening with your place in this company. No matter of many times you try to hold everyone down, the spirit of this new roster and this new blood is too strong. It's stronger than anything you three could produce. It's all apparent. You three aren't doing this to show that you are the reason this company is where it's at. You are doing this so you can console yourself. We all know, and even you know, that you are broken and brittle. We all, including you, know that you are just trying to grasp that brass ring, one more time. Not because you can but because you want to stay ontop for as long as possible. We all know this farce. We all know that the IW3 is a scapegoat for three dwindling egos that need one more accomplishment to grasp onto by-gone glory days. You all need to face facts. You are done. You are finished. I appreciate the work you've put in, but you are in the grave, but trying to hold on with your pinky. Virtue, and the rest of the IWT will be the last nudge to end you. I've beaten two of you, and it's only a matter of time before I do it again and end your careers, once and for all. You carry around the IWT Championship, unlawfully, because you know you can never attain it again. Luis Ovaldinho has your damn number, just accept it and rest in peace. If you won't do it by choice, we'll have to do it by force.

    Michael looks towards Alias Antonio and shouts something without the microphone at his direction.

    Michael: I expect this kind of behavior from the likes of Aids Johnson, but to see Alias Antonio desperately trying to grasp an opportunity he has been afforded time after time after time, makes me sick. You, surprisingly, showed up for your first defense and lost to that man in the ring with you. But what did you do? You didn't face him for that title again, you sat back and took his side. Why? It's because you've fallen from grace and even this circle jerk won't help you recover from it. You don't care for the IWT anymore, and it doesn't care for you, either. Your time is up, and the new blood's time is now. You can try and capture the lightening again, but I warn you that it's only a matter of time before you get shocked. You will be dead in the pursuit for something that has long evaded you. You aren't a champion, anymore. You are a washed-up hasbeen. While Joey Bryant has went back and reinvented himself amongst a strong division of new, hungry challengers, you came back to a division that won't accept your bid any-longer, and it's only a matter of time before the IWT doesn't, either.

    Michael points at Kid with a slight grin.

    Michael: Kid, I had a lot of respect for you. I respected what you did for this company. You had the heart and soul that represent what this company was built off of, but it seems that soul and passion has flowed away and entered into the new generation. The generation that will scratch and claw to get to the top, only for people like you to knock them down. They have to know that their General Manger is in their corner. They aren't alone in this fight. No matter what their attitude is, who they hate or what they've done, they all have a single goal of destroying you. Not because IW3 can't be taken down by just myself and Bryant, but because the collective killing of IW3 would make for a much better story. It would make for a much better memory. But there's one sheep in this entire clan that I would personally take down. That's you Kid. Your ego has been inflated and has been running wild. You can't care to show up to the arena on time, you can't care to show any respect to your boss. I'm sick and fucking tired of what you've done to this company. It always has to be about Kid. It always has to be about you, and I've had enough of it.

    Michael steps back and leaves the crowd in confusion as to what he mean't.
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  5. Aids looks over laughing, before throwing his toothpick in Michaels face.

    Said the man who booked himself for the IWT Championship without even earning a shot at it.

    I stand here and honestly, I'm in awe. I gave you a shot and while you talk about hating us, you spent the last few months pushing people like Chris Kaizer and now Joey Bryant and yet you "pust new talent" out. Only until the time we, the IW3, came together did you suddenly beging to stand with a united front of weak competitors who cannot stand the fact that they cannot make it when push comes to shove. This is the FUCKING iwt, we don't give participation awards.

    If you want to pretend you have done everything for this company while 60% of your competitors know they were signed together because of a dying brand, knock yourself out. You hated on the Bullad Club, now you are behind them. You tried to push Kaizer, Reag, and plenty of others, but they failed. So what do you do? Pout like a bitch and blame us for being here building this company and staying on top. We are on top because people want to hear what we say. We are on top because we did what it took.

    You are not a competitor, you beat two of the three of us and lightning struck twice. Shut your fucking mouth and do your job chronie, because everyone knows lightning doesnt strike thrice.
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  6. Michael looks at Aids Johnson with a squint.

    Michael: Did anyone say anything about you? Did anyone mention you? Does anyone care about you? The answer to all those questions are no. Out of everyone here, you're the least relevant. You can say that I booked myself in a title match, but don't act like you didn't accept a challenge. But that won't fit the narrative, would it? It won't build up the image of a crazed booker? It's fine, if you want to build a narrative that contorts to your agenda. You can call my win a farce, but the bottom line is, you didn't earn your way to this match or your last match. You've been banking on rematch clauses, time after time after time. And me? I beat Dat Kid and buried him alive, I built the IWT, I saved IWT, I brought in new blood. You can act like I had no part in that, but if you had any fucking idea what you're talking about, you'd know that I told them about this place. I told them about IWT. I was out there promoting, building and showcasing. I've done more for this company than anyone of you, especially you Aids Johnson. You can't lace up my loafers, let alone tell me what I'm worth.

    Michael walks down the ramp, but stops before stepping on the outside mats. He looks directly up at Aids Johnson.

    Michael: You want to act like I pushed people? I built this company off their performance, not if they had a hand in my pocket. Reagan Cole had a better fucking Win streak than you've had, this year. Chris Kaizer came back and helped this company. He came back and helped the young stars and opened a damn training school for IWT. He deserved his spot, just like Reagan Cole. You, on the other hand, don't win, don't help and you'll start bragging about that one time I asked you to return because our roster was thin. Go ahead, and knock yourself silly because absolutely no one gives a shit about you.

    Michael looks around at the crowd with an enraged smile, but regains his composure to an uncomfortable crowd.

    Michael: Listen here Aids, you don't speak unless spoken to. You don't talk to me, unless I talk to you first. I afford everyone the respect they deserve, but this obviously shows that you deserve none. You've been nothing but a poison. You've been nothing but a leech. You've been a cancer to the IWT, and if I ever did hate Bullad Club, I love them now. Why? Because they, along with Virtue and Luis Ovaldinho, are gonna rip you out. We are gonna rip the cancer out and stomp it dry. Your days are numbered, and you can spout your propaganda and spew your narrative; at the end of the day, you are the cancer, and we? We are the cure.
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  7. There is an awkward silence as all three just stare at Micheal before all bursting out laughing.*

    Kid: You done? Seriously, are you? You built IWT? No, you didn't, i did and everyone knows that, but we're not here to debate history, we're here to correct it.

    Kid approaches the edge of the ring.*

    Micheal I've had enough of your propaganda and no one here is drinking your cool aid other than the bitter bitches in the back who cant get the job done when it comes to us. You beat two of us, but yet despite having the ability to book yourself as the #1 contender every night you still need to lean on a man i created in the tag division.

    Let's stop the games Micheal. I show up late, i dont watch every match on iwt, i dont care about half the competitors in this company and I DONT HAVE TO! This place is in infinite debt to me and im collecting, by demanding you put us in the main event at Anarchy.

    We have your championship hostage and you can talk about the Scrub Club and Juan Circledipshit, but if you're so confident why has it been days since someones come to take this from us. If you were as powerful as you say you were why dont you come down here and assert your authority and take this belt from us.

    Dat Kid holds the rope open*

    Or are you too busy asserting your head up your ass to notice.
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  8. Are you done? Do I even know you?
  9. Be quiet and go back to sleep bitch. Shhhhhhhhh.
  10. Keep promoing and I'll be fast asleep.
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  11. Your new slogan should be Kaizer Pouts. Waaaaah.
  12. Michael looks at IW3 with no expression.

    Michael: You built this company? You were the one that came in when everyone abandoned IWT, and Aids was pissing on it's grave to revive it, right? You were the one that stood by IWT, time after time? No you didn't. You don't care about IWT, therefore it doesn't care about you. No one gives a shit what you have with you, because at the end of the day, Luis Ovaldinho will destroy Aids and send him packing. Aids can act like he will have the ability to pull another miracle out of his drunk ass, but we all know that Luis Ovaldinho is going to destroy you, like at SummerSlam, and reclaim his title. I don't need to do his bidding because he can handle himself and will prove it, for the 2nd time at Anarchy. Speaking of which, Alias Antonio you may wave around your little rematch clause as it's the loaded gun, but I assure you that I have the power to revoke and restore that clause. I am the boss and can do as I wish. If you don't think so, go back to FSW, the symbol of Kid's incompetence and failure as a leader. FSW failed, The Church evaporated and much like all of Kid's ventures, IW3 will die.

    Michael looks back over at Kid.

    Michael: I don't need to prove shit to you and IWT doesn't owe shit to you. You're a delusional bastard that believes you're entitled to something you did 3 years ago. I'm sorry to tell you aren't. IWT doesn't owe you anything, I don't owe you anything and neither do these fans. We're here to watch some wrestling , love it and get entranced by it. Not to be "indebted' to a sorry ass washed-up old-timer. If you can't get it through your thick skull, try to comprehend this. No one gives a shit about you.

    Michael begins to walk back up the ramp, intending to leave.
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  13. Aids stops in his tracks and scoffs at michael.

    You are becoming everything you hated with every breath you take because every time you speak you become more like Jonathan. I made sure this company kept working so I could find someone to do their job and I did it with you. I gave you everything here because You can run it well, but that never made you a competitor. You might be a leader in the office but you are a joke in this ring. You owe me everything because you have given me nothing and Lightning has struck 5x 5x 5x 5x FIVE TIMES for me so if you assume Luis Ovaldinho is walking out with this title *Aids holds it up before passing it to Alias* then you really dont understand how this works.

    If he wins, we walk out with his title. My teammates have nothing to do outside of coming with me. DO you even realize where we are at this PPV? Madison Wisconsin is the home of Aids. They are infected and they love it. We can walk in to the croud and we can walk out without any questions asked, but can you say the same?

    You like to tout your power like it matters, but we all know the IWT faithful run the IWT and you certainly are not our Undertaker. If you want to talk, talk...but that's all it is you midcard tag teamer goof. You think you run shit? You are just a placeholder for someone better.
  14. Michael looks back at Aids Johnson, and begins laughing. He walks back behind the curtain.
  15. Michael walks out wagging his finger to laughs and cheers from the crowd. He points at Kid.

    Michael: know how I told you that I'm the boss and you have to obey me? Well, you're suspended.

    Michael leaves again, leaving the crowd in shock.
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  16. Kid laughs it off.

    Kid: I'm suspended? Ha, I'm suspended?! Micheal you get your-

    Kid's mic shuts off, he yells into it, nothing happens. Aids hands Kid his mic.

    Kid: I'm not fucking with-

    Kid's mic shuts off again, he looks up, and is clearly irritated. Kid slams the mic down on the canvas and charges up the ring, leaving Alias and Aids behind. Before Kid can reach the curtain a mob of security take him down. Alias and Aids come running out, but they're flanked by security, and held back. Kid throws some very stiff shots at security while cursing them out. Kid is eventually zip tied and carried out of the arena by his arms while Alias and Aids look on. They go to commercial break
  17. It's always the blacks isn't it?
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