Storyline Roadster Cut's one on The Dazzling Chav's

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  1. His regular country music doesn't go off but rather a distorted holiday song with screaming and shrieks going on.
    Roadster comes out with his guitar and glock, wearing jeans and a leather vest reading, "You Better Recognize" and wearing black biker boots and a black cowboy hat

    Ladies and gentlemen! i proved all the doubters wrong! i am now 1-0! and Elimination Chamber? i will beat @DazzleMania and @gav the chav with or without @Forrest because i am just that kinda guy, i beat gav the chav @Aids Johnson little buddy. I beat the guy who had everyone rooting for him and well.....He lost *HE SAYS WHILE SMIRKING AND GIGGLING* now on to B.Dazzle....I verbally raped him on Road Stop yesterday just before i verbally murdered Aids. Now it's a matter of time people recognize. Dazzle you aren't the dazzling one you bastard your a pissing beast! Gav....Your just not as good as i am period. As the late great Brian Pillman would say You guys are the bozos and i'm the star! Stepping stones for the future star of the IWT i am the greatest thing to ever happen to the IWT since Joey Bryant.


    I'm the loose cannon not Pillman, i do whatever i want when ever i want to! as a matter a-fact *PICKS GLOCK AND STARTS GOING BACKSTAGE*
    and i will shoot one of them some bitches.

    *HE FINDS DAZZLE BACKSTAGE AND ATTACK, while to crows starts chanting "this is awesome." the brawl continues but gav the chav helps Dazzle and hits roadster over the head with the tag belt and roadster is in retreat he runs out of the room only to pick up his guitar and he stands by the wall hiding and waiting for someone to appear, Joey Bryant comes out and gets the guitar bashed on him, Roadster runs out to the ring*

    Like i'se say before Dazzle can't do nothing without his pimpo gav. And remember *CROWD SAYS IN PERFECT UNISON IN A HUGE POP* "I DON'T CALL 9.1 Fucking 1!
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  2. OOC: I like that you are trying to build the tag match and all, but I think you need to take it easy. Don't try doing too much in such little time. Wait a couple of days before doing anything.
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