Rob Terry: There Is a Hope

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, May 1, 2013.

  1. I swear, if he cuts promos like these on TV, improves in ring, he has a good future. Watch, this is his best promo as far as I know:

  2. Not a bad promo, but I still want to kill myself when he takes up TNA TV time.
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  3. This was actually bearable, the accent will hold him back though.
  4. It was a very good promo. He's obviously been working on it. He'd be a great midcard monster heel if given the opportunity. Don't really like him as a face though.
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  5. Maybe he could work as a tweener monster? I don't really care much for him honestly. Although if he's going to improve himself, then I wouldn't see any problem for him getting any screen time, but if he's going to be his boring self, then I have no interest in him whatsoever.
  6. His match vs Pectcular was actually watchable. Outside of the fact that their are a lot of other guys on the roster I'd rather see ahead of him, he isn't all that offensive compared to say 2010/11.
  7. Not a bad promo but he's only power, but he hasn't got the potential to be the champion imo
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