"Rob Vam Dam" Tag Team Champion

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  1. Lets Face it RVD is not what he used to be but he is over and could be a great help to younger guys on the roster but Who??

    I Would love to see him with the Tag Titles , a great underrated superstar that could benifit from a partnership with Mr.Monday Night Himself would be ........Justin Gabriel!

    The master of the 450 Splash has a similar style with The whole dam show and could really use the rub. Since his time with the corre his careers been heading nowhere fast but that could change.
    Maybe all he needs is "Rob ....Vam........Dam"

  2. It'd help Gabriel, yeah. But if he's to put new guys over I'd rather he just jobbed to them. Another problem is that the tag division is worthless at this point, but besides that it's a good idea.
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  3. Completely agree. Gabriel would be a great choice, since they have almost the same fighting style, etc. I would love for it to be Gabriel. It would also help Gabriel ALOT.
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  4. Wouldn't mind it, although then that would mean that RVD and Justin beat the Shield....
  5. I see your point but the reason rvd came back is to put younger talent over, that is what he will be doing but in a different fashion.

    I see alot of potiential in Justin and investing in him will be worth it he will get a lot of attention if WWE would work this right like a teacher/student Storyline with RVD/Gabriel, Respectively . If they make it seem like a big deal that rvd is working with him than fans will take notice !
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  6. He would be the perfect guy in my opinion. I want Gabriel to get a big push one day, this would help him.
  7. Maybe so, They have to lose one day !
  8. They might have to. But losing wouldn't stop a big push. If this was actually established, it would elevate Gabriel. Like I said before.
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  9. Thanks For your thoughts, You Are Truly Appreciated!
  10. You are welcome. Welcome to the site, btw. And nice thread.
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  11. I'd rather see RVD face Punk or someone else other than tag team with Justin Gabriel, it'll be the "Drew McIntyre effect" he'll have something good, then we'll never care about him again.
  12. Justin Gabriel won't team up with Bob... It would be a stupid idea to put a guy who will retire soon to smoke weed with a man who can actually do something good for WWE when he comes back to the main roster imo. I also think WWE will try to push him to win at least the US or IC title tbh.
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