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    Hello! I know I promised everyone I would be able to ask Robbie E your questions...well, that didn't happen =/

    What did happen though was this:


    I look like a thumb....but besides that, He's been trying to get back into his Jewish roots so I found his Barmitvzah Piece and gave it him...He was REALLY oddly please and excited! He's a really cool guy and is not as annoying as he is on TV.

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  2. *roots
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  3. Glad you showed him a picture of when I twerked :gusta:
  4. This via the journalism work you do?
  5. Yep. Working for the Jewish Telegraph really gets you places...
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  6. Result mate. Pretty jealous tbh lol.
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  7. Damn, nice job both being able to meet him and making him happy.
  8. Nice job bro!

  9. Can I make you further jealous and list who else I met??

    I was sat in production, waiting for Robbie E and the Promoter who set up the meeting walked in the THE FUCKING WOLVES...I just Marked inside and started talking to them about ROH...They are genuinely really nice guys!
    I was then introduced to someone from Geordie Shore who I ended up having to tag along with...
    Sabin is a tosser. He barely looked up from the floor to say hi to me or Vicky from G shore.
    Zema is a geniune dude and took time out to ask everyone who they were and what they did.
    Samoa Joe interrupted Zema as he walked down the corridor and went "Screw him, I'M SAMOA JOE...Nice to meet you all!" Funny guy!
    Rockstar Spud....he smacked the Promoter in the groin as he walked past, fucking hilarious :emoji_grin:
    Lady Tiapa...she stormed into the production room, shouted "I HAVE NO FOOD TICKET" and walked out...
    Kurt Angle was in a wheel chair...looked a sorry sight.
    Magnus was genuinley awesome. He stopped whatever he was doing to sit down with 2 kids in wheelchairs and have photos with them. Really touching :emoji_slight_smile:

    Bully Ray scared the shit out of me...I walked past him, head down...he snarled -.-

    JB might be the hardest working dude but he's a twat. He refused to speak to anyone.

    I also saw Abyys without a mask, Eric Young who ignored us as did ODB, Kennedy was preping so we kind of left him to it but he smiled.

    That's all :emoji_slight_smile: