Extreme Rules Rock now agrees to Extreme Rules?

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  2. Rock in an extreme rules type match would be sad to watch IMO. You know he isn't taking any bumps, legit weapons shots or anything like that.
  3. Rock using his rematch clause to go after Cena? It's the only match that makes sense. I really figured they'd save a match as big as Cena/Rock III for Summerslam, though (or even Wrestlemania 30, as dreadful as that would be.)
  4. Didn't they waste Cena/Brock at Extreme Rules with it being Brock's first match since returning?

    Having him work ER does increase his chances at retaining at WM though; makes it that little bit more exciting.
  5. It does add some unpredictability to Wrestlemania since it opens up the possibility of Rock retaining. We'll see what kind of match he will work at EC.
  6. I'm just going to throw out a scenerio (take it for what it's worth) Perhaps The Rock gets screwed out of the title and is after redemption against that person at Extreme Rules. I don't know, just a theory. Not really feeling the rematch right after Mania tbh.
  7. Seems like Cena/Rock is a bigger deal to me, even a third match. (Hollywood>UFC, not to mention Rock was a bigger star previously in WWE than Brock was by far.)

    Rock retaining but then losing it the next month would be a swerve and would be quite welcome, but from a story telling POV, I think it's best from them both to walk into their third (and final) match tied at 1-1. I remember Kevin Nash saying last year that Triple H beating the Undertaker at WM28 wouldn't mean anything because it would have still taken Triple H three times to finally beat Taker. I think the same logic applies here with Cena finally getting the victory only on his third try. Plus, Cena would have to qualify as the #1 contender some other way, because if Rock lost, he could easily just use his rematch clause, but Cena would have no such thing.
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  8. Not sure on whether Cena/Rock part 3 would be bigger than Brock/Cena part 1; there was a lot of buzz about Brock's return at that period.

    I agree with you on the rest though, but I'm personally hoping for WM 29 to be the end of it even if it ends up tied. Perhaps that's the best way to end a feud like this.
  9. Imagine if WWE decides "aw fuck it" and goes Rock/Brock at ER

    ER buyrates would look like mania buyrates
  10. Actually, I would consider their third match being at Extreme Rules more plausible now that I remembered them doing Rock/Hogan's big rematch at No Way Out 2003. Despite their first encounter being at WM X-8, they threw their second match together out of almost nothing and put it on a B-PPV like No Way Out and basically used it a vehicle just to further the Hogan/Vince feud (Battle Of The Senior Citizens) going into WM19. The Rock/Cena rubber match would have more going for it at least.
  11. God damn, Rocky, just leave! LEAVE!

    I am tired of seeing and hearing this guy. I want him to go back to Hollywood, so I won't have to go for yet another idiotic Cena/Rock match!
  12. "Thrice in a lifetime" :facepalm:
    I think it would be better than seeing it at WMXXX though, it may add some unpredictability to the WM29 match but I don't think WWE will let their poster boy job to Rock 2 WresleManias in a Row only to make him in a minor PPV like Extreme Rules.

    Wonder how will he work an Extreme rules match though, since he didn't work in the EC match.
  13. Why should he leave? Because you don't want him there?

    The dude obviously loves the WWE but he has another passion as well. Who are we to deny a man one of his passions in life when he can work both? By that logic Jericho should leave and never come back as well since he has a successful rock band, hosts a variety of TV shows and write a couple of books.

    The fans love the Rock and he loves doing wrestling. I say let him do it. It's not Dwayne's fault that he has only wrestled two guys so far but rather the booking of the WWE who seem to think that he cannot wrestle anyone else than Cena and Punk.
  14. Could've sworn this was already confirmed, or at least heavily speculated to be true due to Rock being advertised for the PPV. Anyway, I really don't think it adds any level of unpredictability, it just means Rock is getting his re-match at Extreme Rules. Granted I by no means expected The Rock to win last year, but the difference this year is in the booking. The entire point of their match this year is to have Cena win. That was the whole reason for his "fall" post losing to Rock, him losing to Rock would absolutely destroy the entire story they were building (because it happening at WrestleMania is a key element of the story). Then re-match rubber match at Extreme Rules, it's like standard booking 101.
  15. I dunno why but I cant stand Rock this time round. Once in a lifetime I accepted but now twice and possibly a third not feeling it. Unless we go triple threat at ER and they solidify Punk as a ME and future legend.
  16. Well, then we're not getting this shoved down our throats at WM again, at least. Sounds good. We'd probably get a random Cena feud and clean win at ER anyway burying someone, this is better and gets the rematch clause out of the way.
  17. The Rock can't cut a decent promo this days to save his life. He's a pathetic washed up has been. Don't care how great he was, Cena and Punk surpassed him ON SO MANY LEVELS.
  18. Rock draws more than both of those though, I've decided Cena for months on here but surpassed Rock? That's crazy hyperbole IMO, he's on his level but not above him plus Rock's crowd control is the best in the business. He got people chanting Cookie Puss and Fruity pebbles for god's sake.
  19. Rock draws more than Cena nowadays?

  20. Huh? His segments always draw well even when Cena isn't present (the threads are on here)