Rock scheduled on every RAW.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 7, 2012.

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    Nice message to Ted there too. Glad that Rock's there every week, sort of explains the "head to heads" which haven't quite been head to heads yet (Rock or Cena leaving in the middle).
  2. It's good to see he'll be at a few more Raws, also a shame for Ted although he wasn't doing much it's always bad to see someone get injured.
  3. OMG DiBiase IS INJURED??!?!?! :upset:

  4. Ted comes off as such a nice guy on twitter, backstage interviews and that stuff. I guess it's his mic skills/lack of charisma that is stopping his push. Who would of thought the son of possibly the greatest talker of all time couldn't talk.
  5. Cannot wait for the 40 minute rock vs cena segment !:upset:
  6. Better than the 22 minute HHH segment.
  7. Both time lengths for each feuds segments are both as bad as each other and it was so predictable that hbk would be the guest ref.
  8. Yaeh, we predicted it months back. It was so anti-climatic. The first hour of RAW had 2 minutes of wrestling, to think that 20 minutes of that was HHH slow-talking is sickening.
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