Rock still battles resentment by the current roster

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by PSachkovsky, Feb 4, 2013.

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  2. It's win/win for everyone. All the supposed whiners are getting higher PPV bonuses cause the Rock has decided to grace WWE with his presence. Sure his movies get more exposure, but so does WWE.
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  3. Any pissant piece of shit candy ass motherfucker in the locker room bashing Rock should be buried up to his neck in venomous snakes and have boulders hurled at his head for being such an insufferable retard.
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  4. I agree with Senhor when he says everyone wins when Rock returns and ratings have shot up since his return, but i agree that his in ring skills aren't what they used to be, and neither are his promo skills IMO. Rock isn't the best but he draws attention for the company. Rock is definately going to get more viewers for his movies because of his association with WWE and I'd probably watch his movies either way because he's not that bad of an actor.
  5. I haven't watched a 'Fast and the Furious" since I was 12 and the original came out.. but the new one looks pretty sick I gotta say
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  6. It's a win/win for sure. But the situation could have been just as good if the Rock hadn't been wrestling. They could have had him Endorse a new star a few months before the PPV. Having him training with him and being there as support in matches, because if the Rock says, I like this guy! The crowd would no doubt cheer him on and not only would the WWE have pushed up a new talent, but the Rock being there and maybe teasing abit of In Ring Action, would have gotten them just as many views as him being champion. Lets face it, He doesn't need the belt to draw people to watch the show, but a Superstar "Hand picked by the Rock" would have gotten over very easily. (for this role I would have suggested Tyson Kidd, had he not been injured.)

    But that's my main gripe with this whole thing.

    Edit: this also would have stopped the whole situation this Topic is talking about. Because it seems he came back to promote movies and re-live his glory days 10 years past his prime.
  7. Even if your scenario came to be, they wouldn't put the championship on Kidd. Having the Rock with the strap gives it instant mainstream attention.
  8. Well It was only a suggestion, as it currently stands I much prefer Rock on the mic as opposed to in the ring. I'm sure having the Rock be a manager for someone until Wrestlemania could have attracted just as much attention. Again maybe get him in the ring to do a finisher on someone, tease him in the ring but not put a full match on his shoulders. Since we've seen he's far from capable of doing a good match at the moment. I can see why the other guys don't like him, he's stolen the limelight from a newer superstar to give it to Cena at Wrestlemania. As if he needs putting over anymore.
  9. This is a pretty nice idea, a new star being endorsed by the Rock, even if just a backstage segment or similar, could be good.
  10. Hogan had sub par main event matches for a decade and people didn't give him as much shit. Rock is much better now thaN Hogan was in the late 90s.
  11. But that's just not good enough. He could have done so much better.
  12. Like the OP said he's 40 and is massive, it is what it is. I for one did not expect a 5 star match at RR, as long as there was a decent story I'd be happy. I was disappointed Vince had to be involved but it could have been a lot worse.
  13. Fuck those whiners Rock is the reason their getting high pay checks
  14. This kind of shit makes me laugh.
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  15. I can understand the resentment. Sure, the Rock gives WWE mainstream exposure, but no one that tunes in for the Rock is going to stick around for the rest of the roster while every shred of focus and storytelling time is being lavished on Rock, Punk, and Cena.

    Personally, I think the Rock should've stayed away. The build up to RR was awesome, but the match and followup were so anti-climatic that it almost would've been better if it never happened. Now the title is on someone who's garanteed to lose it at WM to the most hated and overpushed guy on the roster (for the sake of short-term buys), and Punk has no match with Taker and could quite possibly wind up buried. So what exactly has the Rock contributed, aside from superficial excitement and making the real roster look useless?

    This is the difference between the Rock and Jericho. When Jericho comes back, he leaves the product in a better shape by putting over talent and giving us great matches. When the Rock comes back, all he does is steal valuable spotlight and get puffed out in the ring. And now even his promos aren't that good. Sorry if I seem like a hater, but really. The Rock isn't the savior some of you marks beleive.

    The Rock is a short-term solution to long-term problem, like putting a band-aid on a broken arm. The WWE need to shift focus from 'dream matches' onto real matches. But this is nothing that hasn't been said before, so whatever. Point is, I think a portion of the lockeroom is entitled to a little resentment. Some of the fans are, too.
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  16. I completely agree.
  17. If they were in a similiar situation, I bet half wouldn't come back
  18. Exactly, I'm sure Rock is getting paid handsomely, but nowhere near what he'd get making a movie. Fuck the haters.
  19. Yeah, haters are going to hate. The Rock probably doesn't give a damn, and he shouldn't.
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  20. A lot of what you say is true (with your added anti-Rock sentiment, of course) but do you not think the issue lies at the feet of WWE, not The Rock, with most of what you are complaining about?

    Sounds to me like you and the talentless dickheads in the back need to refocus your hate and anger.
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