Rock v Cena Promo

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Chris1990slater, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. I wasnt really interested in twice in a lifetime until i saw the promo which has been cut very carefully to make cena look like hes had a bad year (which he hasnt) But the promo has got me feeling sorry for cena and has got me wanting him to win at mania
    Also the rock made him look weak on raw by owning him on the mike and delivering a rock bottom, giving Cena his underdog role back he used to thrive under.
    i think he should have not come back after wrestlemania last year and returned to the rumble this year.
    The question is do you think cena will beat the rock? and what will it do for him? Get the fans back on his side? Its never gonna happen but id like to see him cheat to win and go on a heel run! :otunga:
  2. The promo last night was outstanding in my opinion. Cena bored me with his first speech, but both of them picked it up so much after that. Rock cut one of his best promos since returning to WWE last night.
  3. Yeah i really enjoyed it too, I think the writers have done a good job also to get people back interested in this rivalry! Im now looking forward to the match! But i cant see any other result than a cena win!
  4. Cena will win and it will cement him as one of the all time greats.
  6. Don't know who you're quoting (assuming you didn't write this yourself), but I agree with it completely.

    And even though I do not care for seeing Rock/Cena again, I like the story behind it... That Cena has been king of the mountain for nearly a decade, and yet still doesn't feel that he's one of the true greats until he beats one of the truly true greats (the holy trinity of Hogan/Austin/Rock), such as The Rock. The promo from Raw was excellent, and though Cena isn't going heel, it was nice seeing him almost taking on a heel vibe there fro a second.
  7. I liked to see the cocky Cena when he did the "you can't see me" in Rock's face but the thing is that I think he'll win, Rock has signed to appear in Extreme Rules so maybe Cena wins at Wrestlemania and in Extreme Rules we see the rematch and Rock loses again. And be the champion is something different of having the fans back to his side, he's playing a role we saw last year, he won't be heel but after this story with Rocky ends he'll start being face again for sure
  8. I liked their "debate" on Raw. The part with Cena being more serious and them actually getting physical were nice.