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  1. lol I love The Rock.
  2. I had a completely random thought about fantasy booking that involved Brock somehow really fucking up Roman with a brutal spot that leads to Rock coming back to challenge Brock to a match for the strap.

    Have Rock go over Brock (only kayfabe threat to Lesnar IMO) then when he is celebrating Reigns comes out to turn on him, leading to face Rock vs heel Reigns for the strap at Mania

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    Nice fantasy booking, but... If we were to have face Rocky vs heel Reigns, in that case, Brock would have to work Fast Lane and we all know it's not happening. But it's definitely an interesting match-up.

    Given how the title was put on Lesnar for all intents and purposes of giving a new star (Reigns) a huge rub when he slays The Beast, Lesnar's not dropping that title before Mania. Neither is he workin' the Fast Lane PPV, which is a shame, but it's alright at the same time, 'cause it's a throwaway PPV anyway.

    - What are the odds of Reigns not winning the title from Brock, though? I don't think anyone's booked to defeat Lesnar, at this point. Not even Cena/Bryan/Orton, let alone Reigns who isn't as 'credible' as those three superstars. And this isn't a knock on Reigns, it's actually on them booking Lesnar like a baddest mofo on God's green earth and beyond.

    Assuming Lesnar is leaving after post-WM Raw episode, which is his final work date, if I'm not mistaken... Then, I wouldn't be surprised if Reigns tried his best, but still couldn't defeat the one behind twenty one and one. He'd still take a piece of Brock with him, though, just like he said in that interview on Raw... Then, let's assume there'd be a 'screwjob' on Heyman's part and he'd actually screw Lesnar after the match, providing an opportunity for Rollins to (successfully) cash in. By the way, they teased Rollins/Heyman working together in the near future like 2 weeks ago on SmackDown.
  4. I hope Lesnar retains at Mania. He is the best thing about WWE by a fucking mile, if he keeps the belt for a year I wouldn't mind. WWE should just pay him more so he works every PPV. Fuck it, he draws.
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  5. Yeah dude. Cena can go part time and they focus on Ziggler, Cesaro, & Shield boys as your main dudes. They all trade turns getting SUPLEXED REPEAT by Lesnar. Tournaments for the title shots are cool. Lethal Lottery, whatever to fill the time in between Lesnar crushing. Then by next year maybe Roman will be ready or they'll have gained enough confidence in one of the other cats to dethrone Lesnar.
  6. I also liked the idea proposed of Heyman turning on Lesnar, rolling with the heel heat established on Roman and still letting him challenge. Whether he goes over is another issue, depends on crowd response I imagine.
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  7. Brock is announced for Fast Lane. He's in the promotional material
  8. Yup, I just saw it on YouTube like 5 minutes ago. Wondering if he'll actually compete. It'd be cool.
  9. I can see Brock fighting Seth Rollins one on one?
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  10. They should have let Lesnar take out everyone before WM, just in case he really wants to go to UFC. Let him fight Orton and another top face at HIAC, SS or TLC(aS) instead of having Lesnar be absent for 50% of his title reign.
  11. saweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

    wonder wtf he'll be doing?? A title match would seem pointless
  12. Ideally: 15 minutes of him F5ing Big Show.
  13. Reigns/Big Show would make more sense. I haven't watched every ep of Raw lately, is there anyone else Brock has interacted with lately that he could have a match with?

    I'm wondering about some sort of tag match involving Reigns/Rock? Not sure who Bork's partner would be.
  14. Reigns is feuding with Show. And a last man standing match is announced locally between the two. I could see Brockasaurus just coming out at the end and laying the smack down on Reigns to close it out.

    Only other wrestler I see it making sense for him to interact with is either Triple H or Rollins. Since it was made clear on RAW that Rollins isn't done with either Reigns or Brock.

    Or they could bring in some family members of Reigns' to sacrifice to build some heat. Brock murdering Rikishi for example.
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  15. Have Lesnar vs Dean Ambrose since Roman and Dean get along still. Have Lesnar completely destroy Ambrose in Fast Lane, and have Roman watch since if he interferes he'll be fired or some stipulation like that. That way, we'll have the return of the great Justin Gabriel to take out Brock.
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