Storyline Rodrigo on Dat Kid and Gohan

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  1. *Backstage Area*

    Renee Young: Hey Rodrigo, do you have a minute?
    Rodrigo: Hey beautiful, sure!
    Renee Young: So Dat Kid, he ha-
    Rodrigo: has talked trash about me. I know and I couldnt care less. He walks around here like he's a big deal. One of the worst win/loss ratios of the company, shortest IWT Champ, left to make a company but failed and had to beg Jonathan to get back to the IWT..
    I might not be the best one, not even one of the best. I understand that. But some people, SackFist or Dat Kid for example, think they are big draws, important people. They were gone for months. Anyone really noticed it. The champ makes the title, not the other way around. All Kid did was to cover both titles (The US and the IWT) with shit. If that makes him and his mother proud..
    I dont wanna start a rivalry. I'm just gettin tired of his bullshit. For instance, his match against that little bitch called FTJ. They're making a huge deal out of a match. "The winner leaves" we all know that whoever losses will be back in a couple of months, claiming it wasnt fair. This company is full of bullshit. From the top (Jonathan) to the bottom of the card (FTJ). Will FTJ leave? Will Dat Kid leave? Hopefully, both end up leaving.
    Anyways Renee honey, I've got to train. Some people in this company work hard to make this company better. Others are just showmen.
    Renee Young: Thanks for your time Rodrigo
    Rodrigo: Thank YOU.

    *Rodrigo walks away*
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