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  1. Rhodes/Rodrigo

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  2. Baraa

  1. After beating Adam, Rodrigo faces Baraa. Who has returned. Both wrestlers want a place in the MITB match. Only one man will get in. Let's gooo.
    The Scorpion vs the Matador

    [​IMG] vs [​IMG]

    2 Promos each.
    I will let you start
  2. I'm ready :bury:
  3. :badass: Then start
  4. You are first?
  6. Al right... I'm waiting. :bury:
  7. I will let you start.

    I = me

    Will= Future

    Let= To allow

    YOU= Baraa

    Start= To begin

    Me allows Baraa to begin. I can start if you want. Dont know why is this taking this long
  8. What the....?
    I have absolutely no problem, either ways you are gonna get your ass whipped, if you want to start then Cmon.
  9. OMG How dumb I am!!
    Somehow I saw that "I'll let you start" just "I'll start", I need glasses :upset:
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    I'm Back....I'm back here to the place I love, BUT not to the people I love.
    This place is like my second home, and while I was home for the past 2 months, suffering from the injury that I had, I didn't stop watching the show because I wanted to know who my next opponent is, I wanted to know what was going on in my absence.

    And just as I thought will happen, there were some superstars who tried to steal my spotlight, who tried to prove themselves and take the opportunity that I'm not here to expose them and show everybody what they really are, this place got screwed by the likes of Rodrigo and many others, this place that was once known by its great superstars is now known by its laughable product.
    Rodrigo, you and the likes of you thought you could take my spotlight, thought that you could prove that you can do way better than I used to do, and the funny thing is that these dumb people believed you, because they were desperately looking for someone who is stronger than me ever since I started here in the IWT, they were all against me, and they were all looking for the moment when I lose my steps, and they thought they had that moment when I had my penis injury that kept me out for 2 months during my last match against Dat Kid.
    But they were wrong, because I'm back here to reclaim what's mine, to prove what I really am capable of, to show everyone what I really am, and that's that I'm the Best In the Wooorld.

    *fans start to boo*

    Yea boo all you want, and save your cheers for your pathetic hero Rodrigo who is gonna come out in a moment, putting a fake smile on his face like the hypocrite he actually is, and starts crapping and lying to you, because that what you actually want, that's what you actually like, to live in a fantasy world, in a dream world that actually doesn't exist, because you don't want to face reality.
    But at the end of the day, what's real is me, not Rodrigo, not Nano, not Adam , no CM Punk, not CrazyJ Lee or whatever the crap her name is!
    Rodrigo, my quest of saving IWT is starting from now, I will beat you and then go on to win the briefcase and cash it in on CrazyJ Lee and win the WWE ttle and then I'm gonna challenge Punk to unify the belts because the only place that will restore their value is around my waist .

  11. *Decent Pop*

    Hey barsha, Barka, Barca or however you're called. Welcome back to this company, the one who hasnt missed you. Not even a little bit. I left, just like you, I left for a month. But I left at the top of the midcard, and I came back and main evented Payback. The outcome doesnt matter...
    While you, you left at the bottom, and you're...well look at you. You consider yourself the best in the world, while you arent even the best of this company, not even the best in this ring. You might be the best in Baraa's world, but look at you, you used to be a rival who could put in some good matches, even if you werent a great wrestler. So now, you come back and you consider the best in the world? Seriously? Well, you have to prove it, like me. I was at the top, now at the bottom. But I'm working my ass off to go back to get some momentum, and get another push. What can I say? I appreciate what I have, and for months, this guys right here have hated me. But now, they seem to...well they dont dislike me. And that gives me strength.

    You have never ever being someone important. You are not a guy who will make it for sure in the HOF. You havent had a MOTY nominee. But you and your ego are pretty big. You watched the IWT for months but you dont know our champion's name? She's called Victoria, not Crazy...however you have called her.
    You know what? I'm here to write my name in the IWT history, while you are a pain in the neck, so I will beat you. I will beat you and you will take some time off, so there's more space at the locker room. I've beat you before, I will beat you again Baraa. But this time, I wont mind hurting you, because, I got bored of you. And you're in the middle of my path to the MITB match. You claim you will get spot in that match? Oh you pathetic scorpion, I will smash you like a bull would smash a scorpion.

    Baraa, you shouldnt have returned. The bull seeks blood, and even if a scorpion doesnt have blood. There will be blood in this ring at the end of the match. Then the bull will be able to go home, knowing that he's one step closer to that match. To that contract. To that title.
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    You want to hurt me Mr.Bull?! You really do?!
    Well I tell you want, a bull can never beat a scorpion, because a scorpion can kill anything with just one sting and one sting only, and that's why I'm called The scorpion, because all I need is just one hit, and my opponent will be laying down unable to stand up ever again.

    You seem to care about these people's reaction, and that proves how dumb you are, why would anyone care about these hypocrites is beyond me. For me, all I care about is myself, all I care about is me climbing the ladder of success, wait no, no no no no no, a guy as good as I am shouldn't be climbing the ladder all over again, because I was already on top of that ladder, so I'm going to bust my ass to STAY on the top.
    If you want to start from the bottom then so be it, it's your decision, but a guy like me who was born to be in the main event will never return to the bottom again ever.
    And you are right about one thing, just one thing, I got a MASSIVE ego, an ego that will not allow me to lose to someone like you, an ego that won't stop its thirst for more ever. But I will try to satisfy it by beating your ass first, and then I will go on to win the Money in the bank briefcase which will guarantee that the title will come into my possession.

    Well now, you wanted to hurt me?
    I want to see you trying..
  13. Sorry I'm moving and I'm so damn busy + I have three matches going on. Give me a few hours
  14. Shoot your promo and start voting. I've been waiting for this match to end so I can keep up with records
  15. I won by count out lol.
  16. It's funny, anyone used to remember you but you still say that you're at the main event. Look at you, damn Baraa. How can you think you're something in this company? Does anyone care about you? What have you achieved?
    You are the definition of pathetic. Seriously, when you first walked down this ramp after months, did you think this people could have cared less? Do you think anyone back there could have cared less?
    Many people blamed me because I left. I left at the top of the midcard. And I came back just to main event a PPV. Something you havent expirence in your damn life. Face it, get over it. There are new guys who have stolen your spot. This guy, Joel, he stole the show at a PPV. Adam is tag team champ. Can you say that? Can you even say that your mum is proud of you?
    *Rodrigo smirks*
    Let me explain you something. This people, this people are the motor of this company. This people move this company. They give us the wings. If this people wouldnt pay for see us, you would be selling hamburgers. While people like me have understand this, has made a change to get along with them, people like you are blind. Are fools. You, your ego and the crap you call ¨skills¨ make you think that you're the best in the world. I've seen your works, and is average at it best. I've faced you before, at WM 1. Where I was screwed. Funny fact, I was beating you, it was 4-1-0. You were zero, I was DQ. Guess the final result. You lost, did someone vote you? At the biggest stage of them all, did someone care about you? No. Why? Because you only think about yourself, and when you fall again, there won't be anyone to help you. When I was humillated, this people where the one who gave me the strength to stand up, look at the calendar and decide that I was gonna be in that match. In that ladder match. Since then, every single second I've been in that gym, in this ring, I've been thinking on that contract. That contract is the only thing that can make this hell I have inside go away. I have no option. Losing is not an option, is not something I can stand right now. This is a must win situation. And I feel sorry for you. You're in my way.
  17. LOL I want to know whose vote is that.
  18. That sucked, just one vote come on